Scottish regional resilience partnerships' framework for exotic notifiable animal diseases contingency plans

Information on how and when operational partners should respond to a suspect or confirmed exotic notifiable animal disease outbreak.

Appendix D: Glossary of terms

Abbreviation (if applicable)




Animal and Plant Health Agency

Executive Agency of Defra working on behalf of Scottish Government, Defra, Welsh Government to deliver government policy with regard to animal health and welfare.


Avian Influenza

Disease which affects Bird/Poultry. See Appendix I.

Contiguous Premises

Premises immediately adjacent to an Infected Premises ( IP).


Cleansing and Disinfection

Biosecurity procedures put into place during the culling and disposal of animals and the treatment of contaminated areas of a premise with disinfectant.

Controlled Area

Area around an Infected Premise(s), the boundaries of which are at least 10 km from the premise(s) in which disease has been confirmed.


Consultant in Public Health (Medicine)

Provides public health guidance to public health incidents, will be a member of the National IMT and is responsible for the implementation and operational aspects of the public health response in their NHS board area.


Chief Veterinary Officer (Scotland)

Scottish Government Animal Health and Welfare Division policy lead


Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Defra represents the interests of the UK in international negotiations on disease control.


Disease Policy Unit

Staffed by Scottish Government to assists the DSG in managing the disease control operation.


Disease Strategy Group

A group of senior civil servants (including veterinary staff and others) and senior operational partners that will direct the strategic response to a notifiable disease outbreak in Scotland and advise the Scottish Minister .


Environment Protection Officer ( EPO)

provide regulation and enforcement of a range of environmental legislation including protection of the water environment


Forward Operations Base

Building and administration for controlling field staff when an outbreak is some distance from the Local Disease Control Centre.


Foot and Mouth disease

Disease which affects cloven hoofed animals. See Appendix H.


Geographical Information System

IT system that processes and analyses spatial and non-spatial data.


Head of Field Delivery - Scotland

Senior Manager within APHA Scotland appointed to manage the field operations in the Local Disease Control Centre.


Health Protection Scotland

provides expert public health advice to responding agencies and chair the National IMT to coordinate the public health response to the incident.

IAH Pirbright

Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright

One of the Reference Laboratories used by APHA to send official samples for analysis.

Infected Place

Legal term used in rabies legislation applying to premises which notifiable disease is suspected to exist, or has existed within the last 56 days, and has a restriction notice served on the occupier of the premises.


Infected Premises

Premises on which notifiable disease has been confirmed.


Joint Regional Military Liaison Officer

Military representative that may be invited to attend SGoR to provide advice to the Scottish Government.


Local Authority

Statutory Body delivering Government and Local Policy within a set boundary


Local Disease Control Centre

Building used for co-ordinating the local response, and housing the office-based teams and administrators.


Military Aid to the Civil Authorities

Process by which assistance can be sought from the Military.


Management Control Team

The multi-agency team responsible for organising the local response and management of the Local Disease Control Centre.

National IMT

Incident Management Team

Convened to coordinate the public health response to the incident.


Newcastle Disease

Disease which affects Bird/Poultry. See Appendix E.


National Disease Control Centre

The centre coordinating the operational response throughout the whole of Great Britain.

Ops Manual

Operations Manual

APHA Veterinary Instructions, Procedures and Emergency Routines.


Principal Agricultural Officer

Manages Scottish Government's local RPID Area Office.


Procurement and Contract Division

A Defra Division for ensuring contracts and purchasing policies are robust - will already have many contracts in place and have pre-identified sources of many specialist services.

Preliminary cleansing and disinfection

Carried out immediately after culling and disposal by APHA (costs met by SG). It consists of spraying contaminated and potentially contaminated areas of the IP with an approved disinfectant or biocide. The

objective is to reduce the level of surface contamination. It is considered to be completed 24 hours after spraying of the IP completed.


Protection Zone

A zone (generally circular) around an Infected Premises in which there is stringent restrictions on movements of animals, farm products and farm vehicles and other activities to help prevent further spread of disease.


Rural Payments and Inspections Division

Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Inspections Division. It has around 600 staff in 17 area offices throughout Scotland doing a variety of jobs - some are specialists in agriculture.

Restricted Area

Area around the Infected Premises. Controls will vary depending upon the disease.

Restriction Notice

A Notice served on the owner, occupier or person in charge of a premise which will restrict movement of animals and possibly products, vehicles and personnel on and off the premises. The notice may also require the recipient to perform other duties such as put up signage and disinfectant footbaths.

Revocation Notice

A notice to revoke a restriction notice.


Resilience Partnerships

Resilience Partnerships is a term to describe the collective of category one and two responders to an emergency and includes regional and local resilience partnerships


Senior Agricultural Officer

Manages team(s) in local RPID area office.


Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture

A Division of the Scottish Government Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities Directorate. Provides scientific services and advice.


Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SEPA provides advice and regulates the environmental protection system for Scotland.


Scottish Government Resilience Room


Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( SSPCA)

Scottish SPCA is the oldest and largest animal welfare charity in Scotland, offering inspectorate and animal welfare centres


Surveillance Zone

Concentric circle outside Protection Zone. A zone of movement controls and other requirements used to help prevent further spread of disease.

Secondary Cleansing & Disinfection

After preliminary cleansing and disinfection, the cleansing (including disposal of manure, bedding etc), degreasing, washing and disinfecting of premises to remove the infective agent, reduce the level of it, such tat recrudescence will not occur on restocking.

Susceptible Animal

Animals those are susceptible to a certain infection.


Temporary Control Zone

A zone around a premise on which there is suspicion of disease. The zone will have movement controls and will last only a very short period from a number of hours to several days.


Veterinary Inspector

Veterinary Surgeon employed on Animal Health business

Weybridge Animal and Plant Health Agency Laboratory

One of the Reference Laboratories used by APHA to send official samples for analysis.


Veterinary Officer



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