Public sector pay policy 2020 to 2021

Scottish public sector pay policy for the year 2020 to 2021 for devolved public bodies.

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No Compulsory Redundancy

Since 2007, a key strand of Scottish Government policy is the commitment to no compulsory redundancy. The policy has continued in recent years and was intended to off-set the impact of significant pay restraint during the years of UK Government austerity.

This Government believes the commitment to no compulsory redundancy has created the right environment to provide staff with job security while enabling employers and their staff representatives to take a range of steps to manage their headcount and budgets.

Since becoming the first government in the UK to lift the pay cap, the majority of public bodies where this pay policy applies have shown an increase in staffing and there has been an increase in the overall workforce across the Scottish public sector.

The policy position remains that public bodies should work with their staff representatives to negotiate extensions to their no compulsory redundancy agreements where it is practical to do so.



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