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Exotic diseases of animals: communications strategy

Published: 17 Oct 2017

This communications strategy is for use in the event of a disease outbreak, whether a major outbreak with widespread disease, or a more limited incident.

Exotic diseases of animals: communications strategy
8. GB Level Communications

8. GB Level Communications

National Disease Control Centre ( NDCC)

8.1 At a GB level the National Disease Control Centre ( NDCC) coordinates the communications flow. This is vital, particularly if disease is present in more than one part of the UK. A communications team from within APHA will be set up as part of the NDCC to gather information on the disease outbreak and will work with the LDCC and DPU to ensure correct and timely information is made available to meet communication demands.

8.2 A UK Daily Communications Teleconference [9] will involve representatives from Scottish Government, APHA, Defra, Welsh Government, DAERA and several other government departments, as required, to identify key points for internal and external communications. The chair of the meeting will be determined according to where the outbreak is but if the outbreak crosses one or more border it is likely that Defra’s Director of Communications, or deputy, will chair the meeting. This is in line with the document entitled ‘Communicating across GB in the event of animal disease outbreaks’ endorsed by all three GB administrations.

8.3 Regular ‘birdtable’ meetings will take place to ensure all parties involved in the disease control operation have a clear idea of the current situation. These meetings will provide a forum for policy, operational, and communications functions to provide brief situation reports and facilitate a coordinated and cooperative response. Key emerging issues will be identified and responsibilities for resolving them and reporting back, allocated.

8.4 The Outbreak Director will provide the NDCC with a situation report at the end of each day, highlighting in particular, any issues to be addressed at a GB level.

NDCC Liaison Officer

8.5 The DSG will determine the need for a Scottish Government official to be dispatched to the NDCC depending on the scale of the outbreak. This NDCC Liaison Officer will provide the key link between the NDCC and the DSG in Edinburgh. In appointing an NDCC Liaison Officer, the DSG will take account of the demands presented by the specific circumstances of the outbreak and existing available resources.



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