Scottish Government response to the UK Government apprenticeship levy

Sets out how we plan to develop a distinctly Scottish approach to apprenticeships and wider skills development.

Scottish Government Consultation

The Scottish Government consulted on options for the use of its share of UK Apprenticeship Levy funding being transferred to the Scottish Government. The consultation ran from 13 July to 26 August 2016. The consultation document can be found here:

The questions in the consultation are set out below.

Q1. Should the Government's commitment to 30,000 Modern Apprenticeships starts a year by 2020 a) be maintained or b) be increased?

Q2. Should Apprenticeship Levy funding support growth in the number of Graduate Level Apprenticeships in Scotland?

Q3. Should Apprenticeship Levy funding be used to establish a flexible skills fund to support wider workforce development?

Q4. Should Apprenticeship Levy funding be used to support the expansion of Foundation Apprenticeships?

Q5. Should Apprenticeship Levy funding be used to help unemployed people move into employment, and to help meet the workforce needs of employers?

Q6. Are there any additional suggestions on how Apprenticeship Levy funding might be used?

The finding of an analysis of responses to the consultation of the Scottish Government's response to the introduction of the UK Apprenticeship Levy can be found at:


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