Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2020-2021

Farm business level estimates of average incomes for 2020-2021.

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Average farm income increases

A line graph showing average farm income, with and without support payments over time. The data starts in 2012-13 and ends in 2020-21.

Farm business income is the total income available to the people who draw money from the farm business, usually the owners or partners. This is called unpaid labour as they are not paid a regular wage.

Average farm income was £39,300 in 2020-21. This is the second highest estimate since 2012-13. Average income increased from £29,100 the previous year, mostly due to reduced total input costs.

Agricultural output increased 0.5 per cent in 2020-21 to £199,400 while input costs decreased five per cent to £207,900.

Farms received around £42,700 in support payments and grants, a decrease of six percent from 2019-20. Without support, the average business would have made a loss of around £3,300. This is the lowest average loss (excluding support) since 2012-13.

The average farm made around £5,200 from diversified activities, for example from renting out buildings or generating electricity.



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