Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: data protection impact assessment

This is the latest version of the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) - published in November 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions on the DPIA, please get in touch with the SCJS Project Team via the contact details below.

4. Stakeholder analysis and consultation

4.1 List all the groups involved in the project, and state their interest.



Scottish Government - SCJS Project Team, Justice Analytical Services

Data Controller & Project Management.

Scottish Government – Office of the Chief Statistician and Data Officer

Conduct the sampling and assist with weighting the data. Also use SCJS data as part of SSCQ.[2]

Scottish Government – SCJS Project Board, officials within the Safer Communities and Justice Directorates

Overall responsibility and provides oversight for the project.

ScotCen Social Research and Ipsos MORI

Contractor and data processor.

Members of Scottish population

Asked to take part in the survey each year.

4.2 Method used to consult with these groups when making the DPIA.

Regular project correspondence between SCJS team, Ipsos MORI, ScotCen and OCS (emails, meetings etc.) – sharing draft outputs, plans to complete, sharing common sections/contributions where relevant. Steps were also taken to compare and check consistency of approach with other household surveys commissioned by the Scottish Government.

Members of the public were not consulted in the development of the DPIA. However, upon publication, it was highlighted on the SCJS website along with other information relevant for respondents and details on the SCJS privacy policy. Any comments received will be given due consideration and an updated DPIA (plus amended procedures) can be developed if required. The end of this document also advises that anyone wishing to provide comments can do so using the contact details provided.

4.3 Method used to communicate the outcomes of the DPIA .

Correspondence with survey contractors. Confirmation on SCJS website that DPIA has been completed. DPIA published on SCJS website, alongside note of when last reviewed and next to be reviewed. Any notable changes in DPIA to be noted on website where DPIA published as well as within DPIA.



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