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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scottish workbook 2020

Published: 7 Aug 2020
Last updated: 26 May 2021 - see all updates

This workbook explains how local and national public health agencies take the action needed to prevent coronavirus spread, together with advice on management of outbreaks. Sector advice cards can be found under supporting files.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scottish workbook 2020
Appendix 2: The potential membership of an IMT

Appendix 2: The potential membership of an IMT

The membership of the IMT will vary depending on the nature of the incident. The

IMT Chair will decide on the composition of the IMT and invite members to attend.

The IMT would normally include:

  • Chaired by NHS Board representative (usually a Consultant in Public Health (Medicine));
  • Health Protection Nurse Specialist;
  • Local Authority Environmental Health Officer;
  • Specialist with expertise in the detection and characterisation of the hazardous agent involved in the incident e.g. a consultant microbiologist, public analyst;
  • Infection Control Doctor and Infection Prevention and Control Team representative, if appropriate;
  • Appropriate Public Health Scotland representation;
  • Corporate communications officer;
  • Administrative support;
  • SG representative(s) (e.g. a nominated Senior Medical Officer, policy officer, SG liaison officer) may attend in an observer capacity;
  • Others, as appropriately identified by other IMT members, from a wider partnership base (for example an IJB Chief Officer or representative).



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