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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scottish workbook 2020

Published: 7 Aug 2020
Last updated: 2 Feb 2021 - see all updates

This workbook explains how local and national public health agencies take the action needed to prevent coronavirus spread, together with advice on management of outbreaks. Sector advice cards can be found under supporting files.


Supporting files added on 15th April 2021

  • Sector Advice Card - Waste Sector
  • Advice Card – Advice for Everyone at Work

Supporting file added on 22nd January 2021

  • Advice Card – Advice for all Workplaces

Errata was published on 21st January 2021

An errata was published on Thursday 21st January 2021 as a result of changes to version 1 of the Scottish COVID-19 Workbook. The changes have been made to reflect the current position in tackling the pandemic including changes to the COVID-19 protective measures. The changes also take account of feedback from those who use the Workbook and version 2 provides more information about the Scottish Government strategy to tackle the pandemic, more context regarding surveillance, Test & Protect and the vaccination programme, and additional information to assist workplaces to support Incident Management Teams in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19.  

The HTML and PDF have been updated to reflect these changes. 



First published: 7 Aug 2020 Last updated: 2 Feb 2021 -