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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scottish workbook 2020

Published: 7 Aug 2020

This workbook explains how local and national public health agencies take the action needed to prevent coronavirus spread, together with advice on management of outbreaks. Sector advice cards can be found under supporting files.

Acronym list:

BCP Business Continuity Plan

COSLA Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

COVID-19 Coronavirus

DPH Director of Public Health

IJB Integration Joint Board

IMT Incident Management Team

FSS Food Standards Scotland

HP/HPT Health Protection / Health Protection Team

HSE Health & Safety Executive

LA Local Authority

MIP Major Incident Plan

MPHI Management of Public Health Incidents

NHS National Health Service

PAG Problem Assessment Group

PHS Public Health Scotland

RP Resilience Partnership

LRP / RRP Local Resilience Partnership, Regional Resilience Partnership

SAC Sector Advice Card

SCG Strategic Coordinating Group

SG Scottish Government

SOLACE Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (Scotland)