Publication - Consultation paper

Scotland's Oral Health Plan: consultation on the future of oral health

Published: 15 Sep 2016

Consultation on how we take dental services forward to meet the challenges of the future.

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Scotland's Oral Health Plan: consultation on the future of oral health

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A range of payments made to eligible General Dental Practitioners and dental practices, These include maternity, paternity and adoptive leave payments to General Dental Practitioners and reimbursement of non-domestic rates and rent to practices.

A national programme which combines targeted and universal approaches to tackling children's oral health improvement in Scotland through the programme's four components (Core, Nursery, School and Practice).

Clinical Quality Monitoring
Collective term for systems which ensure patients receive appropriate high quality NHS dental care in Scotland.

Dental Bodies Corporate ( DBsC)
A body corporate carrying on the business of dentistry where the majority of the directors are registered dentists, registered dental care professionals, or a combination of both.

Dental Care Professionals ( DCP)
A collective term for dental nurses, dental hygienists, dental therapists, orthodontic therapists, dental technicians and clinical dental technicians.

Dental Examination
A routine inspection of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Dental Vocational Trainees ( DVT)
New or recent graduates from UK dental schools who must satisfactorily complete a one year programme of Vocational Training in order to be eligible to provide General Dental Services in Scotland.

A collective term for General Dental Service and Public Dental Service dentists. Depending on the context, this can also include Hospital Dental Service dentists.

Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body ( DDRB)
Independent pay review body that makes recommendations to Scottish Ministers on doctors' and dentists' pay.

Domiciliary Care
NHS dental care that is provided in the person's home or a care home setting.

e-Dental Programme
Set of IT-related initiatives with the objective of ensuring transition from paper-based to electronic processes in the provision of General Dental Services.

Earnings and expenses
The earnings and expenses of independent contractors who provide General Dental Services.

Enhanced Service
Services that may be delivered in a primary care setting by certain General Dental Practitioners who specialise in these treatments.

General Dental Council ( GDC)
Regulatory body for dental professionals in the UK.

General Dental Practitioner ( GDP)
Independent dentist who provides General Dental Services on behalf of NHS Boards.

General Dental Services ( GDS)
Legal terminology for NHS dental services in Scotland provided by General Dental Practitioners, Dental Bodies Corporate and Public Dental Service dentists on behalf of NHS Boards.

Health and Social Care Partnerships ( H&SCPs)
Constituted under the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014, primary function relates to the strategic planning and commissioning of health and social care services provided by Local Authorities and NHS Boards.

Hospital Dental Service ( HDS)
Secondary care NHS dental services for treatment of patients on referral from medical and dental practitioners.

Items of treatment
Collective term for the wide range of treatments that dentists can provide to patients under General Dental Services. Examples range from simple examination and fillings to complex dental care such as orthodontic treatment.

National Dental Inspection Programme ( NDIP)
Annual inspection programme in Scotland that reports on the oral health of Primary 1 and Primary 7 children in alternate years.

NHS committed practice
A practice that meets certain criteria in terms of numbers of patients and General Dental Services activity. For example, for a non-specialised practice to be " NHS committed", General Dental Services must be provided to all categories of patient, with an average of at least 500 registered patients per dentist (100 of whom should be fee-paying adults), and average gross earnings per dentist of £50,000 or more in a given period of 12 months.

National Health Service (General Dental Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2010
Regulations that govern the arrangements for the provision of General Dental Services in Scotland.

Oral Health Risk Assessment ( OHRA)
A comprehensive assessment of the oral health of the patient with a particular emphasis on a preventive, long-term approach that is risk-based and meets the specific needs of individual patients. The Oral Health Risk Assessment also aims to encourage the involvement of patients in managing their own oral health.

Patient Charges
Unless entitled to free NHS dental treatment or help towards the cost, an adult patient is required to pay a percentage of their NHS dental treatment cost up to a set maximum per course of treatment. The Scottish Government meets the remaining costs. Children under 18 years of age receive free NHS dental treatment.

Practitioner and Counter Fraud Service ( PCFS)
Division of National Services Scotland ( NSS) responsible for payments to General Dental Practitioners, maintaining an up-to-date patient registration database, medical and clinical governance regarding dental services.

Public Dental Service ( PDS)
Dentists who are directly employed by the NHS Board, their primary function is the provision of NHS dental treatment to people with special care needs.

Quality Improvement Activities
Particular activities with the objective of improving the quality of dental care provided to the patient.

Patients register with a General Dental Practitioner, Dental Body Corporate or Public Dental Service dentist in order to receive the full range of treatment available under General Dental Services.

Scottish Dental Practice Board ( SDPB)
Statutory Body responsible for the authorisation of item of service fees to General Dental Practitoners and practices providing General Dental Services in Scotland.

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation ( SIMD)
Official Scottish Government measurement of relative deprivation in Scotland.

Statement of Dental Remuneration ( SDR)
Statement that includes all items of treatment that can be provided under General Dental Services, and allowances payable to General Dental Practiontioners and dental practices providing General Dental Services in Scotland.

System of remuneration
Method of payment for General Dental Practitioners.

Third Sector Organisations
A term used to describe the range of organisations that are neither public sector nor private sector. It includes voluntary and community organisations (both registered charities and other organisations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.


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