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Scotland's Economic Strategy

Published: 3 Mar 2015
Economic Development Directorate

Scotland’s Economic Strategy sets out a framework for a competitive and fairer Scotland.

84 page PDF

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84 page PDF

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Scotland's Economic Strategy

84 page PDF

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The shared purpose of the Scottish Government and its partners is to make Scotland a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth.

Scotland's Economic Strategy sets out how we will deliver on our vision for Scotland. It brings increased focus to the dual objectives of boosting competitiveness and tackling inequality, and sets out the priorities we will target to achieve these mutually reinforcing goals.

This is an approach supported by a growing body of international research, with recent analysis by the OECD and IMF demonstrating that countries with more equal societies typically enjoy stronger and more sustainable growth over the long run. A fairer and more equitable society underpins a strong economy.

It is therefore becoming widely recognised that reducing inequality and promoting growth are complementary goals. Creating a fairer society is not just a desirable goal in itself, but is essential to the sustained, long-term prosperity of the Scottish economy. This is a central theme of this Economic Strategy.

Four Priorities

Our approach to delivering Scotland's Economic Strategy is underpinned by four priorities for sustainable growth:

  • Investing in our people and our infrastructure in a sustainable way;
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and research and development;
  • Promoting inclusive growth and creating opportunity through a fair and inclusive jobs market and regional cohesion; and
  • Promoting Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks.

Each priority is critical to the delivery of our vision for Scotland. Our policies and resources will be aligned to deliver our purpose of increased sustainable growth, with opportunities for all to flourish.


The independence referendum in 2014 stimulated an unprecedented level of political engagement in Scotland and resulted in an increasing number of people taking a proactive interest in shaping the kind of country we live in. There is a common desire to create a more competitive and fairer country for current and future generations. We want to build on this sense of a shared endeavour.

We cannot achieve our vision for Scotland alone.

The whole public sector in Scotland, the third sector, trade unions, businesses and communities need to be onboard. Our success as a nation depends on working together to deliver the shared vision of a stronger and more competitive economy supporting a fairer society.

We are committed to a One Scotland approach, where communities are empowered to drive change and deliver growth in the shared interest of the people of Scotland.

This document sets out our vision in more detail and how it will be delivered.


This document is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 provides an overview of the economic context and evidence on the links between boosting competitiveness and tackling inequality;
  • Section 2 sets out our four priorities for this refresh - innovation, investment, inclusive growth, and internationalisation; and
  • Section 3 sets out how we intend to implement the strategy.

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