Scotland Performs Update

Scottish Government performance information

Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee


The following National Performance Framework indicators have been selected as relevant to the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee for the purposes of the Draft Budget Consultation Period.

The report overleaf shows recent performance on these indicators as at 14 December 2017.

The hyperlinks take you to the Scotland Performs website for the latest information on each indicator.

Performance Improving

Increase exports

Performance Maintaining

To match average European ( EU15) population growth over the period from 2007 to 2017

Improve Scotland’s reputation

Increase research and development spending

Increase cultural engagement

Improve the state of Scotland’s historic sites

Performance Worsening

To match the GDP growth rate of the small independent EU countries by 2017

Performance Improving

Value of Scottish exports to the rest of the world (not including rest of UK)

The value of Scottish exports to the rest of the world increased in 2015 as part of a long term upward trend.

Performance Maintaining

Scotlands and EU15's annual population growth

In 2016, the average annual population growth rates since 2007 for Scotland and the EU15 were 0.50% and 0.41% respectively.

Scotlands Reputation (Anholt GfK-Roper Nation Brands Index)

Scotland continues to have a high score for reputation, consistently rated in the top third of the 50 countries evaluated.

Research and Development spending as a percentage of GDP (gap between Scotland and EU 2018)

The gap between Scotland and the average EU nations R&D expenditure has widened – since 2001, expenditure in the rest of the EU has increased at a higher rate than that in Scotland.

Percentage of adults who are culturally engaged

The percentage of adults who engaged in a cultural activity remained stable between 2012 and 2016. The survey question was changed in 2012. Previously the percentage had remained fairly stable since 2007.

Percentage of Pre-1919 dwellings classified as having disrepair to critical elements

The percentage of pre-1919 dwellings classified as having disrepair to critical elements has remained on a downward trend since 2012.

Performance Worsening

Scotland and small EU annual GDP growth rates

Scotland’s annual GDP growth rate, on a 4Q on 4Q basis, has been lower than that of the Small EU Countries since the third quarter of 2015. The duration and scale of this gap has been influenced significantly by recent revisions to the Republic of Ireland’s GDP time series. For more information please visit


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