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Scotland CAN DO action framework: building on our vision to become a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation

Published: 29 Apr 2014
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Action framework describing where and how we are investing and working with partners to become an entrepreneurial and innovative nation.

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22 page PDF

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Scotland CAN DO action framework: building on our vision to become a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation
Our actions - ambitious

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Our actions - ambitious

What are we doing? (how much will we invest?)

Who's involved?

What do we aim to achieve?


Over the coming year the Scottish Government will facilitate the development of resources to better allow entrepreneurial learning in Scotland's classrooms. The Curriculum for Excellence has enterprise as one of five cross-cutting themes allowing for this learning to be applied across the whole curriculum.

These resources will clearly articulate the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mid-set; offer case studies of how such learning is being applied; and direct teachers and schools to the support that is available to deliver this learning.

  • Education Scotland
  • The Scottish Councils' Enterprise in Education Network ( SCEEN)
  • WildHearts
  • The Social Enterprise Academy
  • Young Enterprise Scotland
  • The Prince's Trust

This work will help unleash the potential of our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs by better enabling teachers and others who support our young people. It will help to widen the horizons of our young people by presenting an entrepreneurial path as a realistic and achievable choice for them.

Following its successful piloting at City of Glasgow College, we are supporting the rollout this year of the Bridge 2 Business initiative to other colleges in Scotland. Institutions already engaged are: Edinburgh College, North East College, Dundee & Angus College, University of the Highlands and Islands ( UHI), West College Scotland, and New College Lanarkshire.

Our investment: up to £300,000

  • Bridge 2 Business (Young Enterprise Scotland)
  • Scotland's Colleges

Bridge 2 Business is an interactive and engaging programme to inspire, connect and support college students into business. The offer includes the provision of Meet-Ups for students to engage with early stage entrepreneurs; enterprise activities for both students and staff; and early stage funding and mentoring support to test business ideas.

We will support the new 'Take Action' programme, which aims to empower communities around the country to run their own entrepreneurship events. Ultimately, all of the 'Take Action' events will feed in to the National Start-Up Summit held in Edinburgh every year.

Our investment: £70,000 over two years

  • We Are The Future!
  • RBS
  • Scottish Institute for Enterprise
  • Business Gateway
  • Prince's Trust
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Fife Acorn Initiative
  • Chiene & Tait
  • Edinburgh University
  • Stirling University
  • Power of Youth

The project links with our ambitions to encourage youth entrepreneurship and spread the message of Scotland CAN DO to communities across Scotland.

We are supporting the delivery of a refreshed Young Innovators Challenge in 2014. Over 170 prizes are being made available with 25 successful entrants receiving up to £2500 to work on their innovations throughout summer 2014 and take it from an idea to a potential solution.

Our investment: £205,000

  • Scottish Institute for Enterprise
  • Scotland's Universities and Higher Education Institutions
  • Scotland's Colleges
  • Skills Development Scotland (National Training Programmes)

The 2014 Challenge has a focus on social innovation, with Scotland's students being invited to submit ideas which address problems or opportunities related to one of three areas of opportunity:

  • Healthcare and wellbeing
  • Green and sustainable energy resources
  • Smarter communities and infrastructure

The Challenge fits with our goal of supporting youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

We will support Women's Enterprise Scotland ( WES) to lead on implementation of actions from the Women in Enterprise Framework launched on 4 March 2014.

Our investment: £70,000 over two years

  • Women's Enterprise Scotland
  • RBS
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Business Gateway
  • Association of Scottish Businesswomen
  • Investing Women

With the objective of increasing the contribution of women's enterprise to the Scottish economy, the Women in Enterprise Framework helps lay the foundation for action involving all the key stakeholders in the enterprise eco-system. This includes the creation of a network of female mentors and role-models who will equip and inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Building on good practice, research and evidence of demand, we will continue to look for opportunities to enable people of all backgrounds to participate effectively in entrepreneurship and innovation. This may include, for example, black and ethnic minorities or people over 50.

  • Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Age Scotland
  • RBS
  • Business Gateway

Through drawing on the strengths and abilities of people from all walks of life, we aim to promote a stronger and more diverse culture of entrepreneurship in Scotland.

With a Team Scotland approach that engages all of our public sector partners, we will support the implementation of an acceleration plan focused on globally ambitious entrepreneurs.

  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Scottish Funding Council

The aim is to increase the numbers and growth of innovation-driven enterprises with a particular focus on global ambition.


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