Apply for the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund

This £10 million fund aims to help commercial deployment of tidal projects. Deployment of projects has been extended to September 2020.

Application assessment

How we will assess applications

Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis and assessed against the eligibility and assessment criteria.

Proposals should submit the application form (attached to this guide) and provide the following supporting information:

  • a financial model including a breakdown of component capital costs, clearly showing the costs to be supported through this fund. The financial model should also show the financial case for the project with and without the Scottish Government intervention
  • most recent audited accounts, or independently verified statement of income and expenditure
  • most recent annual report (if applicable)
  • any previous feasibility or design or business case work in support of your answers to the essential and assessment criteria, outlining the potential LCOE reduction from the proposed innovation
  • documentation relating to the confirmed project site location with associated consents
  • any additional relevant information referenced in this application that supports the project as identified in the eligibility criteria above
  • copy of your equality policy
  • statement on what steps they you taking to improve underrepresented groups' participation in the marine energy sector
  • documentation evidencing the project partnership
  • documentation relating to the confirmation of project site location
  • outline project programme
  • outline risk register

The Scottish Government reserves the right to request further information from applicants as required.

Evaluation and award

Scottish Government officials will convene a panel to review applications. 

In addition, independent technical and financial experts may be appointed to support the evaluation process as appropriate.  Potential conflicts of interests will be fully explored before appointment confirmed.

Your completed application will be assessed at a panel who will agree whether your application satisfies the requirements for project support under the fund.

Decisions on support will be made by Scottish Ministers and are final.

Feedback will be provided to all applicants.


 The scoring system is:                   

Quality of evidence provided

Scoring Methodology for Quality Criteria

1              Unacceptable

Inadequate response. Fails to demonstrate an ability to meet the requirement.

2                    Poor

Response is generally poor. The response addresses some elements of the requirement but contains insufficient/limited detail or explanation to demonstrate how the requirement will be fulfilled.

3                 Satisfactory

Response is relevant and acceptable. The response addresses a broad understanding of the requirement but may lack details on how the requirement will be fulfilled in certain areas.

4                  Good

Response is relevant and good. The response is sufficiently detailed to demonstrate a good understanding and provides details on how the requirements will be fulfilled.

5               Excellent

Response is completely relevant and excellent overall. The response is comprehensive, unambiguous and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the requirement and provides details of how the requirement will be met in full.

All assessment criteria will be equally weighted.

Applicants that score between 50% and 69% may be offered support on how best to progress their project application, including provision of further clarification/documentation as requested.

Projects that score 70% or more are likely to be offered support subject to signed acceptance of a Grant Offer Letter.

Please note that achieving the aforementioned scores does not automatically constitute a formal offer of support and should not be regarded as such. 

Any offer will be subject to the conclusion of formal legal missives.

Final decisions on support will be made by Scottish Ministers and are final.

Feedback will be provided to all applicants





If you have any questions regarding the fund please contact us at:
Post: Scottish Government
Emerging Energy Technologies
5 Atlantic Quay (4th floor)
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU


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