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Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Research Strategy for 2016 - 2021

Published: 13 Feb 2015

This strategy sets out the principles and processes behind the investment the Scottish Government will make in research for the Rural Affairs, Food and Environment portfolio from 2016 to 2021.

Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Research Strategy for 2016 - 2021
Benefits from Scottish Government investment

Benefits from Scottish Government investment

Delivering policies across this breadth of activities requires interpretation and understanding derived from specialist skills and capacity in scientific, economic and social research - an interdisciplinary[5] approach.

These skills and capacities are supported directly by the Scottish Government, as part of an annual investment of c. £55 M in research made through its Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS). That investment is also informed by the needs of key stakeholders such as our CAMERAS partners.

This investment supports more than 1,600 jobs in Scotland including 440 highly-skilled posts. In 2013-2014 our funding was instrumental in levering an additional £27 M from other sources including those from across the UK and further afield with over £12 M of this coming from funding for industry-related research.

The skills and expertise are highly valued by other research funders and scientific collaborators alike, with the result that these Scottish-based researchers are active in more than 50 countries across the globe, excluding the strong links they have developed with other EU partners.

Scotland has established a good reputation for the quality of its biological and environmental research. A very significant benefit of this is not only capacity to undertake research, but also to understand and use, for Scotland's benefit, the outputs of research funded and/or undertaken by others. We also continue to seek to develop and deepen links with a range of funders including the Scottish Funding Council, Innovate UK, Defra and some of the main UK Research Councils - BBSRC, NERC and ESRC - working closely in areas in which our strategic research aims coincide to enhance the impact of research we fund.


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