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Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board: terms of reference

Published: 11 Jan 2021
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Terms of reference for the RDS transition board.

11 Jan 2021
Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board: terms of reference

Board membership

  • Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician and Data Officer, Chair
  • Alessia Morris, Head of Data for Research Unit, Project Director
  • Albert King, Deputy Chief Data Officer, senior stakeholder/user
  • Alan Ferrier, NRS, delivery partner
  • Pete Whitehouse, NRS, delivery partner
  • Carole Morris, eDRIS/PHS, delivery partner
  • Carol Sinclair, PHS, delivery partner
  • Phil Couser, PHS, delivery partner
  • Mark Parsons, EPCC/University of Edinburgh, delivery partner
  • Angela Daly, Strathclyde University, privacy interests
  • Jill Pell, Glasgow University, senior user
  • Chris Dibben, Edinburgh University, senior user
  • Carol Sinclair, PHS, delivery partner
  • Corri Black, Aberdeen University, senior user
  • Emily Jefferson, Dundee University, senior user
  • Nicola Kerr, Senior Assistant Statistician, project lead


The purpose of Transition Board is to set out how the work on establishing Research Data Scotland (RDS) will be managed, including its launch in the Spring 2021. It covers:

  • oversight of the RDS project and associate resources which will support the establishment and launch of the new research service
  • the set of initial governance, leadership and management structure of RDS 
  • funding and financing arrangements
  • the timescales to which the project will be delivered and relevant interdependencies
  • communication and engagement
  • managed launch and transition arrangements


The key outputs and deliverables of the project will include:-

  • outline business case 
  • full business case
  • establishment of interim leadership and management structures
  • establishment of RDS service offering
  • internal and external communications and engagement plans to support the establishment and launch of RDS 


This will be a time-limited project leading up to the setting up of RDS as an independent organisation, launch in Spring 2021, and any transitional issues thereafter. Any future requirements will be reviewed as the RDS project develops.