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Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board Legal Working Group minutes: November 2021

Published: 7 Dec 2021
Date of meeting: 11 Nov 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the RDS Transition Board Legal Working Group on 11 November 2021.

7 Dec 2021
Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board Legal Working Group minutes: November 2021

Attendees and apologies


  • Lorna McCall
  • Robin Fallas
  • Nora Kellock
  • Alessia Morris
  • Neil Rawlins
  • Nicola Rinaldi
  • David Faith
  • Hannah Leslie


  • Nicola Kerr 
  • John Thompson

Items and actions

Summary of actions arising

  • share position paper on RDS Brokerage role - AM

Actions from the last meeting 

All previous actions have been closed bar two which were closed at the meeting with an IG update from AM and HL.

Roadmap: progress update (MacRoberts)

  • members’ agreement
  • Board of Trustees and Directors

The Members Agreement produced by MacRoberts and previously circulated was discussed with reference to new members joining RDS and whether they had the automatic right to appoint a trustee. It was noted that RDS Board of Trustees would need to be fairly agile and therefore having a proportionate number of trustees. RDS is likely to have around ten trustees but exact number would be finalised in the New Year. Under the registration with OSCR, should more than seven trustees be appointed, a member’s resolution would be required. It was noted that some seats on the Board would be kept for independent trustees (e.g. from non-member organisations) and that there should be gender diversity as the current four trustees are all male. It was further noted that a skills matrix should be applied to trustee recruitment to cover knowledge areas not covered by the current trustees. It was further noted that different tenure rules apply. New trustees appointed by the trustees have a tenure of one year whilst those appointed by resolution have a tenure of four years. It was noted that the Ethical Standards Commission provided good advice and guidance on increasing Board diversity, including the ‘tie-break’ system.

It was noted that Aberdeen University Court had agreed to become a member of RDS, but wished to review company documents. It was confirmed the University of Glasgow wishes to become a member, but there are no further updates. The University of St Andrews is interested in joining RDS, though their data maturity meant that this was not a priority just now but they will follow this up in 2022.

IG development work: progress update (presentation from Hannah Lesley, SG IG Manager)

An update on IG Pathway One was provided followed by a discussion and questions.


  • share position paper on RDS Brokerage role


It was agreed that at the next meeting Alastair Rennie would give a presentation on IG Pathway Two

Close and date of the next meeting confirmed as 9 December at 10.30am