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Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board - Information Governance group: terms of reference

Published: 12 Jan 2021
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TOR for the RDS sub-group.

12 Jan 2021
Research Data Scotland (RDS) Transition Board - Information Governance group: terms of reference


  • Alessia Morris, SG- Chair
  • David Grzybowski, SG
  • Albert King, SG
  • Nicola Kerr, SG Education and Stats PBPP
  • Alan Ferrier, NRS
  • Carole Morris, eDRIS
  • Mark Parsons/Mark Sawyer, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Chris Dibben, SCADR/University of Edinburgh
  • Liam Calvin, NRS
  • David Gourlay/Sonja Hart, solicitors – MacRoberts
  • Marion Aldhous, Health PBPP


  • to support the development of Information Governance solutions and approaches for the data acquisition programme under the ADR-S partnership, including the move from the “create and destroy” model to the “re-use” model
  • to support the development of more long term Information Governance approaches with a view to streamlining access to data under the emerging research support service – Research Data Scotland (RDS)
  • to support any new or additional IG requirements for the RDS/Covid-19 Data Research Service 


Outputs will comprise a series of documented position papers; advice notes etc. with assumptions and supporting documents explaining the aim and conclusions of the various IG issues being considered

Summary papers that capture agreement on each of the issues will also be produced and signed off by the group.

Outputs may be used to inform the work of the RDS Transition Board, and the wider RDS project. 

Outputs of the Group may also be shared with Scottish Ministers as and when required.


The Group will be time limited up and until 31 March 2021 and will meet indicatively every 4 weeks through 2020/21. Thereafter this requirement will be re-assessed, in particular as regards the need to follow up any RDS transition issues; the progress of the current ADR investment programme; and development of the COVID-19 pandemic.