Regeneration Capital Grant Fund round 7: form and guidance

Application form and guidance for the first stage of round 7 of the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF) for projects that can start in 2020/2021.

The Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, delivered in partnership with COSLA and local government, supports locally developed regeneration projects that involve local communities, helping to support and create jobs and build sustainable communities.
Applications to the fund are made annually and, where justified, can potentially cover more than one financial year (subject to spending review restrictions).

Indicative timetable for Round 7 application process

Event Date

Round 7 Stage 1 opens

April 2019

Deadline for Stage 1 applications

14:00, 10 June 2019

Investment Panel Stage 1 meeting

August 2019

Applicants notified of results

August 2019

Deadline for Stage 2 applications

October 2019

Investment Panel Stage 2 meeting

November 2019

Notification of Funding Recommendations

January 2020

Please note that funding to support projects will be subject to the budget spending review for 2020/2021.

The deadline for first stage applications is 14:00 10 June 2019.

Round 7 Stage 1 2020-2021

RCGF Round 7 Stage 1 2020-2021 application form

RCGF Round 7 Stage 1 2020-2021 submission guidance

RCGF Round 7 Stage 1 2020-2021 questions and answers



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