Race equality framework for Scotland 2016 to 2030

This framework sets out our approach to promoting race equality and tackling racism and inequality between 2016 and 2030.

Implementing and Monitoring

The Race Equality Framework sets out a long-term, partnership-based approach for promoting race equality and tackling racism and inequality over a 15-year period from 2016 to 2030. As stated previously, it sets out both what the Scottish Government will do and its expectations of the ways in which other stakeholders and partners can contribute by working in partnership to progress race equality in Scotland over this period.

Maintaining progress on the Framework over its 15-year life span will be vital to ensure its success. Responsibility for this will ultimately lie at Ministerial level. However, we are mindful of the need to secure the future of the Framework beyond the current Parliamentary cycle, which comes to an end following the Framework's publication. It is also important to align the Framework to the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework so that race equality can be further mainstreamed across our work, in addition to the targeted activity the Framework sets out.

Moving into the implementation and monitoring phase we therefore plan to build on the same participatory, partnership approach used in developing the Framework. We will broaden our engagement with a wide range of organisations and individuals, from grassroots community organisations to practitioners working in the public sector, academia and policy makers to develop this approach over the first six months of the Framework's life. Our first Goal within this Framework describes our ambition to establish an accountable approach to support and drive forward the implementation of the Race Equality Framework and planned actions in more detail.

The work to progress the actions set out within the Framework will be ongoing within the Scottish Government and across our partner organisations throughout 2016 and beyond. In developing our approach to implementation and monitoring, we will particularly consider how the Framework can remain responsive and flexible to accommodate new evidence and change in the demographic and policy environments over the later phases of the Framework's life span and to reflect the progress made to date.

In many cases, this work may be undertaken through collaborative initiatives, commissioned work or through our partner organisations. A vast range of potential solutions and challenges were explored through the involvement and evidence gathering we carried out, and within the Framework itself we have focused on many of these specifically. However, detailed information on the full range will be made available to all of those involved in implementing the Framework so that they can be incorporated on a practical, ongoing basis.

Additionally, some of the issues identified through our evidence-gathering fall under the remit of specific public sector organisations or other agencies, and therefore are best handled by these organisations rather than through the Framework. This should inform the development of their own work on race equality, and should prove particularly useful for the setting of the new Equality Outcomes which listed public authorities will be developing for publication in 2017.

The following sections outline more information on our Visions and Goals for race equality in Scotland, and how we will work towards these.


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