Race equality framework for Scotland 2016 to 2030

This framework sets out our approach to promoting race equality and tackling racism and inequality between 2016 and 2030.

Visions and Purpose

Our aim was to create a Race Equality Framework based on the priorities, needs and experiences of Scotland's minority ethnic communities. We worked to engage as many people as we could through the process with a particular focus on those whose voices are not heard as often. We also worked to capture the expertise of people within public services, voluntary sectors and academia.

The Framework outlines how we will work in partnership with our agencies and other key stakeholders to address a wide range of opportunities for progress in six themed Visions. The sections of the Framework each cover one of these themed Visions, exploring the goals the Scottish Government aims to meet. The first of these Visions sets out the overarching ambition for race equality in Scotland which we aim to achieve by 2030.


Area of work



Overarching work

Our Vision for a fairer Scotland is that by 2030 Scotland is a place where people are healthier, happier and treated with respect, and where opportunities, wealth and power are spread more equally.

The Race Equality Framework aims to ensure that this vision is achieved equally for people from all ethnicities, helping to build a Scotland where we all share a common sense of purpose and belonging.


Community cohesion and safety

We build good race relations and community cohesion across all communities, and all minority ethnic individuals feel safe, protected and included, and experience less racism.


Participation and representation

Minority ethnic participation and representation is valued, effective, fair and proportionate at all levels of political, community and public life.


Education and lifelong learning

Everyone has the opportunity to learn in an inclusive environment without disadvantage in relation to racial inequality or racism.


Employability, employment and income

Minority ethnic people have equal, fair and proportionate access to employment and representation at all levels, grades and occupation types in Scotland's workforce and experience fewer labour market, workplace and income inequalities.


Health and home

Minority ethnic communities in Scotland have equality in physical and mental health as far as is achievable, have effective healthcare appropriate to their needs and experience fewer inequalities in housing and home life.


Email: race-equality-team@gov.scot

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