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Preparing Scotland Scientific and Technical Advice Cell (STAC): guidance

Providing public health, environmental, scientific and technical advice to strategic coordinating groups in Scotland.

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59 page PDF

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Preparing Scotland Scientific and Technical Advice Cell (STAC): guidance

59 page PDF

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A key STAC function is to conduct an assessment of the risk to public health associated with the emergency, to decide on advice regarding options for managing the risks and to agree on advice to be given out. Details of the steps in Health Risk Analysis are provided below.

Health Risk Analysis incorporates:

  • Risk Assessment ( RA)
  • Risk Management ( RM) and
  • Risk Communication ( RC)

Risk Assessment

  • Identify and collate information on the nature, scope and scale of the threat or hazard (see Appendices B & P).
  • Consider the information on the hazard and the expert advice required.
  • Assess the actual or potential risks to health associated with exposure to the threat or hazard.
  • Formulate conclusions and provide advice to the police commander/SCG chair on the health impact of the emergency.
  • Agree and advise on any additional information required for ongoing dynamic risk assessment ( e.g. air quality or other environmental monitoring/analysis, plume modelling).

Risk Management
Consider options for urgent control measures:

  • To prevent primary exposure of the public:
    • Sheltering
    • Evacuation
    • Action of water/food supplies
  • To prevent ongoing exposure of casualties:
    • Decontamination
  • To minimise health impact of exposure:
    • Prophylaxis treatment
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Advice on delayed health effects

Risk Communication

  • Agree with the police commander/ SCG chair, advice on the health aspects of the emergency to be provided:
    • To the public (via media etc)
    • To the NHS
      • Hospital services
      • Primary care/ NHS24
      • Scottish Ambulance Service
      • NHS Board Management
    • To other agencies
      • Local Authority departments (Education, Social Work etc).