Personal Assistant Employer's Handbook

Basic information about what you need to know if you are considering using Option 1 - a Direct Payment becoming a Personal Assistant (PA) employer

The role of information and support organisations

These are organisations which can help people, who are thinking about becoming a PA employer, to find out more about direct payments and how they can get a direct payment, as well as offering practical support about being a PA employer. These are some examples of the support that might be available:

  • information about the responsibilities of a PA employer
  • help to understand and use local processes
  • support with engaging an agency/provider
  • payroll services
  • financial management
  • training on becoming a PA employer

These organisations draw on the experience of people who are PA employers to give information and support to people who are thinking about becoming a PA employer, to make sure they have all the information they need. Their staff and volunteers may have personal experience of care and support services. It is this experience which helps to inform the design and delivery of the support the organisation offers, leading to high quality, relevant and appropriate information and support.

Further information about local information and support organisations which may be in your area is available from Self Directed Support Scotland (see Useful Contacts).



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