Personal Assistant Employers Handbook Easy Read

What you need to know about employing personal assistants

What do I need to know about employing a personal assistant?

responsible for support outcomes

You will be responsible for making sure your support meets your outcomes (the things you want to happen).

local support organisation will help

Your local support organisation will be able to help you to do this.


You can contact Self Directed Support Scotland to find out if there are any support organisations in your area.

The contact details for Self Directed Support Scotland are:

postal address

Self Directed Support Scotland

4 PURE Offices Bonnington Bond
2 Anderson Place


0131 516 4195



find out

There are things you will need to find out about before employing a personal assistant.

get references

You will need to find out how to get references.

References are given by people who used to employ someone. They will tell you about what the person did in their old job.

arrange staff training

You will need to find out how to arrange staff training.

manage your staff

You will need to find out how to manage your staff.


You will need to find out about any insurance you might need as an employer.

safe guarding

We think that you should make sure your personal assistant is a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme is a way to check that a person is not known to be unsuitable to work as your personal assistant. It checks things like criminal records to find out more about a person.


For more information about the PVG Scheme please go to:


Email: Allie Cherry

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