Personal Assistant Employers Handbook Easy Read

What you need to know about employing personal assistants

Who is this handbook for?

handbook for choosing personal assistant

This handbook is for people who are:

  • thinking about choosing Option 1
  • thinking about employing 1 or more personal assistants or buying their support from a care provider

A personal assistant (PA) is someone who supports you. They might make a meal for you or help you get dressed.


As well as this handbook you can also get information and support to help you make this choice from:

  • your social worker
  • your care worker
  • a local support organisation

support plan

You and your social worker or care worker will agree on a support plan.

key outcomes

The support plan will have your key outcomes in it. These are the things you want to happen in your life.

not direct payment

Your social worker or care worker will tell you if they do not think a direct payment is the best option for you. They will also tell you why they think this.


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