Personal Assistant Employers Handbook Easy Read

What you need to know about employing personal assistants

What are my options?

There are 4 options for arranging your social care support:

Option 1:

direct payment

You take a direct payment. You use this money to arrange your own support or buy a service from a care agency.

A direct payment is money from your local authority. You can use it to buy your support.

Option 2:

right to choose

You choose who you want to give you care. Your local authority or an organisation of your choice will arrange your support.

Option 3:

local authority

Your council will talk to you. They will decide and arrange your support.

Option 4:

mixture of options 1 to 3

You use a mixture of options 1 to 3 to arrange your care and support.


You can get more information on self-directed support and the options you have here:


Email: Allie Cherry

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