Personal Assistant Employers Handbook Easy Read

What you need to know about employing personal assistants

How my personal assistant is employed

pay wages

If you employ your assistant you will need to pay some of their wage or all of their wage.

sick pay

If they are sick they will still need to be paid.

They will also be allowed holidays.

more responsibility

Employing your personal assistant means that you will have more responsibility. If your assistant is self-employed you will not have this responsibility.

bill to pay

If your personal assistant is self-employed you will just have a bill to pay.


How your personal assistant is employed will depend on the type of support that you need.

need to employ

If you want your personal assistant to do the tasks below you will need to employ them.

support at certain time

  • If you want support in your home
  • If you want support at a certain time each day or each week
  • If you want to be fully in control of your support
  • If you pay them hourly for their support


Contact Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for more information:

support organisation can help you decide

Your local support organisation can help you decide if getting support from a self-employed personal assistant is right for you.

local authority has information about using a personal assistant

Your local authority may have information about using a self-employed personal assistant.


If you need more information about personal assistant employment contact the Scottish Assistant Employers Network (SPAEN).

Tel: 01698 250280


Email: Allie Cherry

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