North Lanarkshire Council planning authority: core documents

Collection of documents from North Lanarkshire Council planning authority that are submitted frequently as part of the planning process. Parties can now refer to these materials within their submissions, rather than continuously supplying copies of documents.

To submit materials to be considered as part of this collection, email them to

Planning authorities can make submissions using the eplanning document exchange system.

To submit a document on this list as part of your document list, you must hyperlink the document name with the URL for the document. Please note it is not sufficient to provide a link to the front page of the core documents library, accompanied by a list of relevant documents. The links must to be to each specific document referred to. Any document lists submitted without complete links for each document will be returned to you. If you are referring to an extract of a larger document, you should specify the relevant section in your document list e.g. Local development plan - Chapter 3 - Section 7.2.

The following are materials that have been accepted as core documents for the North Lanarkshire Council planning authority.

North Lanarkshire Local Plan 2012

Policy Document

Proposals Map Cover Page

Proposals Map Kilsyth, Cumbernauld

Proposals Map Stepps, Coatbridge, Airdrie

Proposed Local Plan 2017

Policy Document

Proposed Modified Plan 2017

Policy Document

Bellshill LAP Mapbook

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth LAP Mapbook

Northern Corridor LAP Mapbook

Wishaw LAP Mapbook

Community Growth Area

Gartcosh & Glenboig Concept Statement

South Cumbernauld Concept Statement

South Cumbernauld Strategic Development Framework

South Wishaw Concept Statement

Housing Land Audit 2019

Active Sites

Completed Sites

Removed Sites


Supplementary Planning Guidance

01A Landscaping Species Supplement

02 Trees and Development

03 Travel Plans

04 Encouraging Cycling

05 Rescuing a Listed Building

07 Green Belt

09 Flooding and Drainage

10 Waste Development

11 Minerals

12 Wind Turbine Development

13 Affordable Housing

14 Industry and Business Development

15 Good Design Toolkit

18 Shopfronts

20 Biodiversity

20 Biodiversity Appendix

22 Environmental Impact Assessment EIA

25 Hamilton Road CAAMP

26 Dullatur CAAMP

27 Cumbernauld Village CAAMP

28 Blairhill and Dunbeth CAAMP

29 Drumgelloch CAAMP

31 Conservation Areas

32 Antonine Wall

Other Documents


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