Neonatal Expenses Fund Claim Form NEF(1): Travel and subsistence costs for families with babies in neonatal care

Neonatal Expenses Fund ( NEF) is designed to help parents of premature and sick newborn babies to offset the cost of travelling to and from hospital during the early days of their babies life and the subsistence required to allow them to spend time with their new born in order to bond as a family during these early days.

Family-centred care is at the heart of neonatal service delivery, ensuring that parents are partners in decision-making around their baby's care, that parents provide as much care as possible for their own babies, and that there is opportunity for regular communication between parents and clinical staff. This Fund supports these aims through the provision of practical support to enable parents to spend as much time with their baby as possible while in neonatal care.

Who Can Claim

Claims may be made by the Parent/Guardian of:

  • A baby resident in a Neonatal Unit on or after 1st April 2018.

What Expenses Can be Claimed


  • Claims will be reimbursed at 14p* per mile for up to one return car journey per day per family.

  • Public transport costs will be reimbursed in full for up to one return journey per day per family.
  • Standard class bus, train and ferry fares can be reclaimed upon production of receipts.

* The rate of reimbursement is based on the HMRC Fuel Advisory Rate for a petrol engine 1400cc to 2000cc. The reimbursement rate for each financial year will be determined by the Advisory Rate from 1st March.

Parking and Tolls

Car parking costs and road tolls can be reclaimed in full on the submission of receipts.

In some NHS Boards a permit may be obtained to provide exemption from parking costs. Staff can advise whether a permit is available or whether you should claim for a refund.

Meals and subsistence

Claims for meals may be made by one of the following means:

  • Meal may be directly provided free of charge for one parent by the NHS Board. ( e.g. staff canteen or patient meals)

  • Reimbursement of up to £8.50 per day against food and non-alcoholic beverages on the production of receipts.

NHS Boards are not required to offer both of the above options – a minimum of one of the above will be offered in all hospitals. Further detail of provision within your hospital will be provided locally.

Making a claim

The NEF(1) form is attached, further forms are available from neonatal units and, cash offices or to download at . The form should be completed by the parent or guardian and signed and certified as detailed on the form. This includes certification of qualification from a medical professional caring for your baby.

Claims must be submitted within three months of the patient's discharge from hospital. Claims outside this time will not be considered for reimbursement except in very exceptional circumstances.

Only actual expenditure should be claimed. Claiming expenses that have not been incurred is fraud, and action will be taken against anyone submitting fraudulent claims. In cases where it appears that a claimant has deliberately applied for assistance to which they are not entitled the matter will be referred to Counter Fraud Services.

Full terms and conditions of the fund can be found at .

NEF(1) Claim Form
NEF(1) Claim Form