Supplier contact details

The contract supplier, Total Gas & Power, will provide dedicated account management resources for the overall and day-to-day operation and management of the national contract.

For customer enquires, email:

Total Gas & Power will provide a response to all enquiries within two working days. This response will either resolve the enquiry in full or will give an interim response together with details of when the final response will be provided.

For complex enquiries or the need to escalate an enquiry, you should contact:

Tom Richardson
Tel: 07816 295 702

The direct dial telephone numbers listed below can also be used to contact customer services.

Claire Tillett
Tel: 01737 275 558

Nelly Kervarec
Tel: 01737 275 501

Charlotte Poole
Tel: 01737 275 818



Graeme Reid
Tel: 0131 244 7673

Ann Hoyland
Tel: 0141 242 5896