All supplies are individually priced using site specific information, so you may see differences between each supply.

The commodity and supplier management fees will be constant across all supplies.

We, Scottish Procurement, agree and fix the 'wholesale cost of gas' (p/kWh) in late February/early March each year, with prices completed around mid-April.

Annual prices issued are provided in a format to clearly show the different elements, for transparency purposes.

For new customers or new supplies added to the contract, prices will be issued as and when joined and wil be aligend to the end of the current contract year.

We provide participating public bodies with quarterly price risk guidance, for budgeting purposes.

You can request example pricing prior to determining if you wish to add supplies to your contract.

  • see billing factsheet - contained in the 'supporting files' section of this guide.


Unless exemptions apply, the standard rate of VAT that will be applied is 20%. For sites or organisations which qualify for the reduced VAT rate of 5%, the attached gas VAT certificate must be completed and returned to Total GP at

Where a number of sites in one organisation qualify for the same reduced level of VAT, a single certificate may be completed and a spreadsheet containing details of the qualifying sites should be attached.

Completed certificates must be returned to Total at the above email address no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of supply.

Climate change levy (CCL)

If you intend to claim exemption from climate change levy charges you must complete the following HM Revenue & Customs forms which can be found in the 'supporting files' section of this guide:

  • PP11 supplier certificate form
  • PP10 supporting analysis form

These should be emailed to Total GP at: no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of supply. 


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