National guidance for child protection in Scotland 2014

This guidance has been superseded by the 2021 version .

Appendix C

Timescales for Different Stages of Acting on Child Protection Concerns

Where a practitioner has a concern about a risk to a child's wellbeing, they should share that concern with the child's Named Person as soon as is reasonably possible.

National timescales have been introduced for CPCCs as well as for the production of minutes and the Child Protection Plan. Every effort should be made to meet the timescales within the national guidance but it is recognised that this may not always be possible and the most important aspect is the immediate multi-agency action to protect the child. The reasons for not complying with the timescales should be recorded, along with a proposed future date for completion.

Notification of concern to initial CPCC The initial CPCC should be held as soon as practically possible and no later than 21 calendar days from the notification of concern
Invitations Participants should be given a minimum of 5 calendar days' notice of the decision to convene a CPCC whenever possible
Review CPCC The first review CPCC should be held within 3 months of the initial CPCC. Thereafter, reviews should take place 6 monthly or earlier if circumstances change
Pre-birth CPCC The CPCC should take place no later than at 28 weeks pregnancy or, in the case of late notification of pregnancy, as soon as possible after the notification of concern and in any case within 21 calendar days
Core group The initial core group meeting should be held within 15 calendar days of the initial CPCC
Minutes Participants should receive the minutes within 15 calendar days of the CPCC
CP Plan Participants should receive a copy of the agreed Child Protection Plan within 5 calendar days of the CPCC
Changes to CP Plan Where a core group identifies the need to make significant changes to the CP Plan they should notify the CPCC chair within 3 calendar days


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