National Development Project Fund: form and guidance

Application form and guidance for the National Development Project Fund to reduce problem drug and alcohol use (closed to new applications).

This fund has now closed for this round of applications (6 December 2018) . We have published a list of successful projects for this round of applications

The Scottish Government has made an investment of £20 million per year for the duration of the current Parliament (2018-2019 – 2020-2021). This investment through the Programme for Government is to support the delivery of services to reduce problem drug and alcohol use.  

We have allocated this investment across three funding streams for 2018-2019 which are:              

  1. Local Improvement Fund: £17 million has been allocated to Integrated Authorities as part of a Local Improvement Fund.    
  2. A Challenge Fund: £2 million has been allocated to this fund for 2018-2019, which includes £750,000 for Homelessness/Housing First. This fund provides an opportunity for Integrated Authorities(IAs)/Alcohol and Drug Partnerships(ADPs) and their partners to bid for money to deliver long term system change. The Corra Foundation have agreed to manage this fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. 
  3. National Development Projects Fund:  £1 million has been allocated. This fund provides opportunities for joint approaches at both a national and local level through projects of national significance.  

Areas for investment through each funding stream

Local Improvement Fund

Investment in areas through the Scottish Government baselined allocation of £53.8 million and to support investment in the following areas:

  • increased involvement of those with lived experience of addiction and recovery in the evaluation, design and delivery of services
  • reduce waiting times for treatment and support services. Particularly waits for opioid substitution therapy (OST) including where these are reported as secondary waits under the LDP Standard
  • improved retention in treatment particularly those detoxed from alcohol and those accessing OST
  • development of advocacy services
  • improved access to drug/alcohol treatment services amongst those accessing inpatient hospital services
  • whole family approaches to supporting those affected by problem drug/alcohol use
  • continued development of recovery communities

Substance Use Challenge Fund 

The Substance Use Challenge fund is closed. We have published a list of successful projects 2018-2019.

The Substance Use Challenge Fund funding that will provide space to rethink the system (or parts of the system), test change and implement new ways of working. The aim is to help break down barriers for people when accessing services or getting the right support, and as a result achieve better and more sustainable positive changes in people’s lives. 

The challenge fund will aim to look specifically at the:

  • clinical pathways
  • stepped care (right support at the right time)
  • whole family approaches
  • new approaches to alcohol related harm
  • new early support that is tailored to changing patterns in young people’s drug and alcohol use

Priority will be given to proposals with a focus on clinical pathways around alcohol detox and opiate replacement. A secondary focus will be given to proposals on systems for mental health, homelessness or employability.

Applications will be accepted from IAs/ADPs and their partners. All applicants must be able to demonstrate collaborative and partnership working across all sectors in the proposal.  

National Development Project Fund (this fund has now closed to new applications)

The national development project fund provides opportunities at both a national and local level through projects of national significance. It allows us in 2018-2019 to address gaps in:

  • advocacy services (2 year funding with an optional 1 year extension)
  • family inclusive services and support (2 year funding with an optional 1 year extension)
  • start-up investment for new approaches to treatment, support and recovery (2 years only)

We are interested in exploring and working with stakeholders to take forward projects which are of national significance. We will be in touch with further information on this. 

More information is available below: 

National Development Project Fund requirements and guidance notes

We anticipate bids will come from the third sector.                                   

All projects wishing to apply for funding through this route must align with the following priorities for 2018-2019:

  1. Advocacy Services
  2. Families: testing the role of family members
  3. New approaches to recovery: new models

Applications must have a minimum cost bid per financial year of £20,000 and a maximum of £75,000.


Individual and Consortium applications are equally welcomed, all partners must be detailed in the application. It is expected that applications will sit within at least one of the priorities above.  

All applications should be discussed with local strategic planners/policy managers and the local Integrated Authority (IA)/Alcohol Drug Partnership (ADP).

Your project should be a new and innovative idea based on an identified need or demand in your locality which could have a national significance.

This funding must not be used to replace/or top up funding from another source or to supplement capacity for a service/project already underway unless it meets the priority criteria above.

Please fully complete sections 1 - 4  in the application form prior to the commencement of your project. You will be expected to submit an annual evaluation (section 5) of your project each year. The first report is expected by 30 April 2019. 

Deadline for applications  

This will be an annual process. The closing date for this round of applications is 6 December 2018.

All applications received on the form in section B will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of success or otherwise as soon as possible/by 10 January 2019. Light touch feedback will be provided to any unsuccessful applicants on request.  

Guidance Notes

Applications, deadlines and acknowledgement 

All applications made through this form will be considered.  Applications should be emailed to:

Amanda Adams at by close of business on 6 December 2018. Applications will not be accepted beyond this date.

Applications will be acknowledged within 5 working days and we will aim to inform all applicants of the success or otherwise as soon as possible/by 10 January 2019.

Assessment and selection of successful applications 

There is £1 million available through the National Development Project Fund in 2018-2019, this therefore restricts the number of National Projects and applications that can be approved.

All applications for funding will be assessed in the first instance against the following eligibility criteria:

  • The proposed activity must align with the Scottish Governments priorities detailed on page 1 of this document.
  • The lead organisation must have adequate management and financial controls
  • Is the proposed project of national significance? 
  • Wherever possible, there should be no overlap or duplication with the activities of other organisations
  • The quality of your expected outcomes/improvements and how these will be measured.
  • How you anticipate successful implementation in the long term.
  • Are the relevant Integrated Authority and Alcohol and Drug Partnership supportive of the application?
  • A feasible proposal for managing (exit strategy) once funding through the National Development Project Fund ends.

Final decisions on approved applications will take account of the importance of current alcohol and drug priorities and any other factors which may be relevant at the time of considering the application.

Funding conditions 

When an application is successful the lead organisation is expected to agree to various conditions.  Full details of the conditions that will apply will be included in the letter of success. These conditions will include the following:

  • The need for the lead organisation to have proper financial systems in place.
  • Arrangements for monitoring the organisations activities and the activities relating to this project, which includes setting up appropriate arrangements for measuring expected outcomes/improvements.
  • There is a requirement to consult, as appropriate with the intended client group(s).
  • In addition to annual reporting, successful applicants in advocacy services and family inclusive services and support, will be required to attend a joint quarterly meeting to discuss and understand jointly, their progress in reaching key milestones and any learning. 

Funding slippage 

If your organisation is successful in obtaining funding, it will be paid per financial year and must be spent within that financial year.  In the event that funding is not spent within the financial year, it will be recovered by the Scottish Government.

Monitoring of organisation/project activities and evaluation 

The Scottish Government expects that funding recipients will make a judgement about their own progress/success towards achieving the outcomes/improvements identified in the application form.  This must be reported through The Progress and Evaluation section of the application form, which is required to be fully completed and submitted by 30 April for the previous financial year 

The Scottish Government will pay attention to the lead organisations delivery/performance progress against milestones identified in the application form. In addition the previous financial years audited accounts must also be provided. 

This information will form a major part of funding awards for successive years (where appropriate) up to 2020-2021. 

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

In accordance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 that came into force on 1 January 2005, the Scottish Government may be required to make any application for grant funding available for public scrutiny. In submitting an application, please let us know if there are any elements of it which would prejudice substantially your commercial or other interests if they are made public. Please note there may nevertheless be a public interest in publishing material submitted.

Further help 

If you would like further help with your application, or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact Nick Smith at or on 0131 244 5942 or Amanda Adams at or on 0131 244 2278.

National Developent Project Fund - application form

National Development Project Fund - overview and guidance notes



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