National care standards: care homes for children and young people

National care standards: care homes for children and young people Edition

17 Moving on

Introduction to standard 17

Your stay in the care home prepares you for moving on. You may move to another placement or to your family or to a form of more independent living. Whatever the length of your stay, throughout your time in the care home you receive every encouragement to fulfil your potential and to live in an increasingly independent way.

Standard 17
You have every opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge you need to move on and, where needed, to live more independently. You are helped to develop the employment, study and social skills you need for the next stage of your life.

1 You know that staff manage any move sensitively. They spend time listening to your concerns, answering questions and giving you advice if you need it.

2 If you are leaving the care home to live more independently:

  • you can develop self-care skills, including cooking, managing money, managing a home and living with neighbours;
  • you have advice on what to do if there are financial problems;
  • you are encouraged to be a good neighbour and challenged about poor behaviour that affects your neighbours;
  • you have advice on how to access benefits, housing, health and other services; and
  • you are advised about forming and maintaining relationships.

3 If you are having short breaks, preparing for future short breaks is properly planned.

4 If you are a child or young person who is looked after, the care home is aware of the arrangements for your through care provision and makes contact with those who will support you, and who are involved in your throughcare plan.

5 You are encouraged to develop employment and learning skills.

6 You are encouraged to go to further and higher education. You are supported when making choices about what college to go to and what subject to study. Staff are aware of further education or employment opportunities.

7 You are confident that the care home has good links with relevant agencies. Staff work with others (including social workers, housing, careers officers, after care workers, employers and education) to help you establish links before you leave the care home. You know who to contact when making the move to independent living, and what sort of help each agency can provide. Staff work quickly to set up links with outside agencies and services to make the move as smooth as it can be.

8 Staff may go with you to services or help you to make your own arrangements.

9 You can expect the care home to welcome you back for visits and continue to support you after you have left.

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