Victims/survivors of domestic abuse - multi-agency risk assessment and interventions: report

A report relating to the development of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (Maracs) covering views, themes and recommendations identified at a series of stakeholder deep dive sessions in 2021.

Ministerial Foreword

Domestic abuse has no place in our vision for a safe, strong, successful Scotland. We continue to work with partners to take action to prevent it happening in the first place, provide support to those who experience it and enhance protective measures.

The publication of this report, drawn up following a consultation and deep–dive sessions with key stakeholders, represents a welcome development in this vital work to support individuals at greatest risk from domestic abuse.

I am pleased to agree in principle to the recommendations put forward by the sector and captured in the report. I look forward to monitoring the progress of the multi-agency working group as it progresses the recommendations.

Minister for Victims and Community Safety, Siobhian Brown



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