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Marine science: directory of scientists

Published: 23 Nov 2019

Details of scientists working for the Marine Scotland Directorate, with some supporting documents attached.

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Marine science: directory of scientists
Dr Stuart Middlemas

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Dr Stuart Middlemas

Telephone: +44 (0)131 244 2481


Address: Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH16 5LB

Research Interests

My research is concerned with the ecology of freshwater fish in Scotland, particularly salmon and sea trout. Within this general area I have undertaken research on a wide range of topics aimed at underpinning management and providing advice to policy. Particular areas of interest are:

  • Wild fish-aquaculture interactions.
  • The use of the coastal zone by salmon and sea trout.
  • The relationship between predators, particularly seals, and salmon and sea trout.
  • The use of genetic tools to underpin management decisions.
  • Producing and applying conservation limits for Atlantic salmon.


I collaborate with a wide range of individuals in Government agencies (SEPA, SNH), fisheries trusts and universities, notably the University of St Andrews.

External Committees and Responsibilities

I currently represent MSS on the Interactions research sub group of the Ministerial Group on Sustainable Aquaculture. Previously I have been a member of the NERC Special Committee on Seals and Scottish Governments Seals Forum and Seals Working Group.

Recent Publications

Godfrey, J. D., D. C. Stewart, S. J. Middlemas & J. D. Armstrong (in press) Depth use and migratory behaviour of homing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Scottish coastal waters. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Malcolm, I., P. Bacon, S. Middlemas, R. Fryer, E. Shilland & P. Collen (2014) Relationships between hydrochemistry and the presence of juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta) in headwater streams recovering from acidification. Ecological Indicators, 37, 351-364.

Matejusová, I., F. Bland, A. J. Hall, R. N. Harris, M. Snow, A. Douglas & S. J. Middlemas (2013) Real‐time PCR assays for the identification of harbor and gray seal species and sex: A molecular tool for ecology and management. Marine Mammal Science, 29, 186-194.

Middlemas, S, R. Fryer, D. Tulett & J. Armstrong (2013) Relationship between sea lice levels on sea trout and fish farm activity in western Scotland. Fisheries Management and Ecology, 20, 68-74.

Graham, I. M., R. N. Harris & S. J. Middlemas (2011) Seals, salmon and stakeholders: integrating knowledge to reduce biodiversity conflict. Animal Conservation, 14, 604-607.


Marine Scotland
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