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Dr Matt Gubbins

Fisheries Data Programme
Programme Manager


Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, UK

Pronouns: he/him/his

Details of specialism

I am currently the programme manager for fisheries data, overseeing the collection of data from the catch sampling and research vessel surveys, provision of data to enable stock assessments and gear technology research and advice.

My scientific background spans marine ecotoxicology (shellfish toxins, monitoring of biological effects & effects of aquaculture discharges), environmental effects of mariculture and marine spatial planning and I maintain my interest in these fields and contribute to policy advice.

Main policy links

  • sea fisheries
  • marine planning and policy (marine spatial planning)
  • aquaculture (environmental impacts and planning)
  • EU exit (fisheries science)

External committees and responsibilities

  • UK Delegate to ICES Council (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)
  • member of ICES expert groups: WGMPCZM (Marine planning and coastal zone management) and WGCEAM (Cumulative Effects Assessment Methodology)
  • member of the UK Fisheries Science Working Group and Data Coordination Group
  • chair of the Technical Advisory Group for a replacement research vessel for Scotland
  • board sponsor for the Women’s Equality Network and the MSS Athena SWAN flexible working subgroup
  • advisor to UK delegation OSPAR EIHA committee (Environmental Impacts of Human Activity)
  • guest lecturer on aquaculture and spatial planning, Aberdeen University

Papers of relevance

Slater A-M, Irvine KN, Byg AA, Davies IM, Gubbins M, Kafas A, Kenter J, MacDonald A, O’Hara Murray R, Potts T, Tweddle JF, Wright K and Scott BE (2020) Integrating stakeholder knowledge through modular cooperative participatory processes for marine spatial planning outcomes (CORPORATES). Ecosystem Services 44, 101126.

Johnson DE, Barrio Froján C, Neat F, Van Oevelen D, Stirling D, Gubbins MJ and Roberts JM (2019) Rockall and Hatton: Resolving a super wicked marine governance problem in the high seas of the northeast Atlantic Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 69.

Murray AG and Gubbins M (2017) Aquaculture Zoning, Site Selection and Area Management in Scottish Marine Finfish Production. In: Aguilar-Manjarrez J, Soto D and Brummett R (Eds), Aquaculture zoning, site selection and area management under the ecosystem approach to aquaculture. Full document, pp. 358–373. Report ACS113536. Rome, FAO, and World Bank Group, Washington, DC. 395pp.

Stelzenmüller V, Cormier R, Gee K, Shucksmith R, Gubbins M, Yates KL, Morf A, Nic Aonghusa C, Mikkelsen E, Tweddle JF, Pecceu E, Kannen A and Clarke SA (2021) Evaluation of marine spatial planning requires fit for purpose monitoring strategies. Journal of Environmental Management 278, Part 2, 111545.

Tweddle JF, Gubbins MJ and Scott BE (2018) Should phytoplankton be a key consideration for marine management? Marine Policy 97, 1-9.



Marine Scotland Science
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