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Dr Ian M Davies

Marine Scotland Science Directorate
Deputy Head of Marine Scotland Science


Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, UK

Details of specialism

My current role is as Deputy Head of Marine Scotland Science with wide responsibilities for the management and leadership of the organisation, including in the finance (internal and external), HR, science programme direction and management, people development and inclusion spaces.

My most recent research interest has been assessing and managing the impacts of marine renewables (wind, wave and tidal energy), and the oil and gas industries, on the marine and freshwater environments. My ultimate objective was to contribute to the evidence base that will ensure that energy-related activities are pursued in a sustainable manner, balancing development objectives with impacts on marine and freshwater ecosystems. I maintain direct involvement in science delivery through co-supervision of a number of PhD students. 

Main policy links 

Across Marine Scotland policy Divisions and the MS Directorate office to coordinate science priorities with policy developments and emerging requirements.

Other links in relation to:

  • finance management
  • HR and resourcing
  • Covid-19 management and adaptation at SG corporate and local levels
  • health, safety and wellbeing
  • People Strategy response

External committees and responsibilities

I am the Marine Scotland representative on the Governing Council of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS), am the MSS representative to the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation (EFARO). I represent the UK on the General Assembly of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre. I have been a member of various Scottish and UK groups related to marine renewables, including the prioritisation of research needs and joint funding initiatives through ORJIP and NERC. I provide advice to both the Scottish and UK Governments and internationally through membership of ICES Working Groups on renewable energy. I regularly review for a range of journals, act as assessor and adviser for research grant proposals in the UK and elsewhere.

Papers of relevance 

Lee HZL, Davies IM, Baxter JM, Dieleb K and Sanderson WG (2020) Missing the full story: First estimates of carbon deposition rates for the European flat oyster, Ostrea edulis. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 30(11), 2076-2086.

Van Geel NCF, Merchant ND, Culloch RM, Edwards EWJ, Davies IM, O’Hara Murray RB and Brookes KL (2020) Exclusion of tidal influence on ambient sound measurements. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 148, 701.

Schupp MF, Kafas A, Buck BH, Krause G, Onyango V, Stelzenmüller V, Davies I and Scott BE (2020) Fishing within offshore wind farms in the North Sea: Multi-use perspectives from Scotland and Germany. Journal of Environmental Management 279, 111762.

Slater A-M, Irvine KN, Byg AA, Davies IM, Gubbins M, Kafas A, Kenter J, MacDonald A, O’Hara Murray R, Potts T, Tweddle JF, Wright K and Scott BE (2020) Integrating stakeholder knowledge through modular cooperative participatory processes for marine spatial planning outcomes (CORPORATES). Ecosystem Services 44, 101126.

Newton M, Barry J, Lothian A, Main RA, Honkanen H, Mckelvey SA, Thompson P, Davies I, Brockie N, Stephen A, O’Hara Murray R, Gardiner R, Campbell L, Stainer P and Adams A (2021 - accepted) Counterintuitive active directional swimming behaviour by Atlantic salmon during seaward migration in the coastal zone. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 

Details of linked research pages

Ian Davies’ ResearchGate profile



Marine Scotland Science
Scottish Government
Marine Laboratory
PO Box 101
375 Victoria Road
AB11 9DB


+44 (0)131 244 2500


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