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Marine science: directory of scientists

Published: 23 Nov 2019

Details of scientists working for the Marine Scotland Directorate, with some supporting documents attached.

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Marine science: directory of scientists
Dr Estelle Jones

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Dr Estelle Jones

Telephone: +44 (0)31 244 5500


1B South Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

My background is in marine ecology and politic science and I work as a multidisciplinary researcher at Marine Scotland.  I am experienced in both temperate and tropical fisheries management and marine biodiversity protection having worked in UK waters, the Andaman Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and the Caribbean.

My current research includes: the efficacy of Marine Protected Area (MPA) management; inshore fisheries management including static and hand gathered fisheries; coastal community dependence and resilience linked to marine fishing and offshore renewables; labour and working conditions for fishing crews; and the implications for marine sectors from the UK’s exit from the EU.


I collaborate with scientists across the UK, Europe, USA and Thailand. Recent examples include:

  • Belmont Forum and NORFACE Partners. Transformations to Sustainability: Social Impact Assessment for Coastal Sustainability funding application.

  • Scottish Offshore Renewables Research Framework (SpORRAn): Socioeconomic Specialist Receptor Group (SESRG)
  • Co-supervision PhD student with academic partners -  University of St Andrews

External Responsibilities

  • Member of the Coastal and Marine Research Group, UK.

  • Edinburgh Napier University – Visiting lecturer: Environment and Policy module and Conservation and Sustainability module

  • Newcastle University - Visiting Researcher

Most Recent Publications

Invited Speaker

  • Jones E.V (2017) Marine Social Science: new Solutions to old Challenges? Panel member. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2017. London, 28th-31th August 2017

  • Jones E.V. & Prior, A (2015) Multi-funded approaches in Scotland: Lessons so far. Session presenter and panel member for the implementation of a multi-funded approach to EU structural funds in the UK. FARNET & DG MARES. Edinburgh, 8th-9th Nov 2015

Scientific Conferences and Publications

  • Jones E.V, Gray. T, Macintosh. D, Stead, S. (2017) How effective are MPAs in conserving crab stock? Comparing fisheries and conservation objectives in coastal MPAs in Thailand. Ocean and Coastal Management [accepted - wait citation]

  • Jones E.V, Gray. T, Botterill. K, Chikwama, C (2017) Economics or ethics? Pay gaps between domestic and international fishers. European Association of Fisheries Economists. 25th – 27th April 2017 – Dublin, Ireland.

  • Jones E.V., Maguire, S, Chikwama, C (2016) Understanding the socio-economic dimensions of the Scottish fishing fleet. DG MARES - Economic Advice in Fisheries Management: trilogue between science, administration and stakeholders. Malta, 4th-5th Feb 2016

  • Jones E.V, Gray. T, Macintosh. D, Stead, S. (2016) A Comparative Analysis of Three Marine Governance Systems for implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Marine Policy 66, 30–38

  • Jones, E., Schuttenberg, H., Gray, T., Stead., S. (2015) The Governability of Mangrove Ecosystems in Thailand: Comparative Successes of Different Governance Models. Chapter 22: 413-434. In Interactive Governance for Small-Scale Fisheries: Global Reflections. (Ed.) Jentoft, S, & Chuenpagdee, R. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

  • Caveen, A.J, Fitzsimmons C, Pieraccini M, Dunn, E, Sweeting, C.J, Johnson, M.L, Bloomfield. H, Jones, E.V, Lightfoot, L, Gray T.S, Stead, S.M, Polunin, N.V.C (2014) Diverging Strategies to Planning an Ecologically Coherent Network of MPAs in the North Sea: The Roles of Advocacy, Evidence and Pragmatism in the Face of Uncertainty. Advance in Marine Biology 69, 325-370

    Jones, E.V, Caveen. A, Gray. T, (2014) Are fisheries-dependent communities in Scotland really maritime-dependent communities? Ocean and Coastal Management 95, 254-263


Marine Scotland
Mailpoint 11
1B South
Victoria Quay

0300 244 4000