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Marine litter strategy for Scotland

Published: 19 Aug 2014
Marine Scotland Directorate
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Marine and fisheries

A strategy to develop measures to minimise the amount of litter entering the marine and coastal environment.

Marine litter strategy for Scotland
4. Delivery mechanism

4. Delivery mechanism

4.1 The development and implementation of the strategy will be led by the Scottish Government with Marine Scotland as the central lead body, in taking the strategy forward.

4.2 Marine Scotland will co-ordinate the existing network of sectors and stakeholders at the local and national level, and establish a national stakeholder group to share and prioritise good practice on developing the strategy and monitoring outputs.

4.3 The focus will be on delivering the key elements of the strategy within staff and financial resources that are available from individual sectors, which shall be kept under review.

  • Central co-ordination from Marine Scotland, in the context of wider initiatives and international engagement;
  • Initiatives that have a direct impact on reducing litter from source;
  • Implementation plan, including objectives and performance measures;
  • Monitoring plan both for levels of debris in the environment, and the strategy;
  • Regular review of resources;
  • Utilisation and promotion of work carried out by existing networks and stakeholders;
  • Networked, regional approach in parallel to regional marine plans to develop and prioritise actions.