Land and Buildings Transaction Tax - Additional Dwelling Supplement: call for evidence – summary of responses

Overview of findings and summary of responses to our call for evidence and views on the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS). It also sets out the Scottish Government’s response to the call for evidence.

5. Annex A: List of Respondents

  Respondent Category
1 Anonymous Individuals
2 Anonymous Individuals
3 Anonymous Individuals
4 Balfour+Masons Solicitors Legal, Tax and Accountancy
5 Angus Council Housing Providers
6 Anonymous Individuals
7 Anonymous Individuals
8 Anonymous Individuals
9 Anonymous Individuals
10 Mr William Mykura Individuals
11 Stirling Council Housing Providers
12 Anonymous Individuals
13 Stuart Smith Individuals
14 Anonymous Individuals
15 Anonymous Individuals
16 The Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers Other Organisations
17 Scottish Association of Landlords Other Organisations
18 Anonymous Individuals
19 Anonymous Individuals
20 South Lanarkshire Council Housing Providers
21 Anonymous Individuals
22 KPMG Legal, Tax and Accountancy
23 Redcurrant Housing Co-operative Housing Providers
24 Bruadair Housing Co-operative Housing Providers
25 Anonymous Individuals
26 Chartered Institute of Taxation Legal, Tax and Accountancy
27 Anonymous Individuals
28 Ventura Co-op Housing Providers
29 CIPFA Directors of Finance Other Organisations
30 DTAS Other Organisations
31 Anonymous Individuals
32 Student Co-operative Homes Housing Providers
33 Glasgow Student Housing Co-operative Housing Providers
34 Redcurrant Housing Cooperative Ltd Housing Providers
35 Vanilla Cohousing Community Ltd Housing Providers
36 Cohousing Scotland Other Organisations
37 Highland Council Housing Providers
38 ICAS Legal, Tax and Accountancy
39 CIOT Legal, Tax and Accountancy
40 Glasgow City Council Housing Providers
41 COSLA Other Organisations
42 Anonymous Individuals
43 Anonymous Individuals
44 Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative Housing Providers
45 Rural Housing Scotland Other Organisations
46 Army Families Federation Other Organisations
47 Tim Macdonald Individuals
48 Co-operatives UK Other Organisations
49 Propertymark Legal, Tax and Accountancy
50 Aberdeenshire Council Housing Providers
51 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Other Organisations
52 Liam Faulkner Individuals
53 Community Land Scotland Other Organisations
54 Anonymous Individuals
55 Highlands and Islands Enterprise Other Organisations
56 Anonymous Individuals
57 Scottish Property Federation Other Organisations
58 Ernst & Young LLP Legal, Tax and Accountancy
59 Plockton & District Community Trust Other Organisations
60 Anonymous Individuals
61 Anonymous Individuals
62 Law Society of Scotland Legal, Tax and Accountancy
63 Stamp Taxes Practitioners Group Legal, Tax and Accountancy
64 Homes for Scotland Other Organisations
65 East Renfrewshire Council Housing Providers
66 Anonymous Individuals
67 David Barnes Individuals



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