Just Transition Commission minutes: 12 January 2023

Minutes from the meeting held on 12 January 2023

Attendees and apologies

Commission attendees 

  • Jim Skea, Chair 
  • Richard Hardy, Prospect 
  • Nick Robins, Grantham Research Institute, LSE 
  • Rachel McEwen, SSE 
  • Lang Banks,WWF 
  • Jake Molloy, RMT 
  • Satwat Rehman, One Parent Families Scotland 
  • Colette Cohen, Net Zero Technology Centre 
  • Katie Gallogly-Swan, UN Conference on Trade and Development 

Secretariat attendees 

  • Elliot Ross 
  • Lauren Begbie 
  • Shona Ann Kinnear 


  • Elaine Dougall, Unite/STUC 
  • Ameena Camps, Net Zero Scotland 
  • Ann Pettifor, Economist, Policy Research in Macroeconomics 
  • Ronne Quinn, NECCUS 


  • Stephen Good, BE-ST 
  • Jillian Anable, University of Leeds  
  • Steven Thomson, SRUC  

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies 

The Chair welcomed Commissioners, noting apologies received from members unable to attend. Introductions were made to the prospective new members, who had joined to observe.  

Approach to engagement and consultation 

The Chair provided an overview of his most recent meetings with Richard Lochhead MSP where they discussed the importance of close collaboration and exchange between the Commission and the Scottish Government, including the need for clear expectations regarding the approach to engagement on the development of just transition planning work. 

The Commission then shared initial reflections on the Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. The Commission agreed that they would adopt the UK CCC model for consultation response and that they would utilise their next meeting to discuss key issues and develop scrutiny and advice. 

Memorandum of Understanding  

The Secretariat provided an overview of the draft MoU between the Commission and Scottish Government.  

The Commission broadly welcomed the draft but noted some edits, particularly around phrasing, ensuring the MoU reflected the whole remit and would welcome further specificity on mechanisms of engagement between the Commission and SG. 

Following discussion of the Commission’s role in relation to the Just Transition Fund, it was agreed the Commission should receive regular updates on the Fund’s progress as well as standing ready to provide scrutiny and advice on high level strategic issues including objectives, strategic approach, process, criteria, monitoring and evaluation. 

It was agreed the MoU should be finalised and published as soon as possible. 

Terms of reference 

The Secretariat provided an update of the Commission’s ToR, highlighting that this is an internal document and should reflect how the Commission wishes to operate, including its working groups.  

The Commission broadly welcomed the revised document and agreed some minor amendments. 

Further engagement opportunities  

The Commission were given an update on opportunities to engage with the on-going independent Skills Review.  

Meeting ends 


  • Secretariat to finalise work plan for 2023
  • Secretariat to arrange meeting for 27th January, including venue and papers
  • Commissioners to provide any agenda items for ESJTP session to Secretariat
  • Secretariat to revise and share semi-final drafts of the MoU and ToR
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