Investing in Communities Fund round two: final funding guidance

Investing in Communities Fund 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026: guidance note for applicants.

Strategic context

In response to the challenges of the global pandemic and climate crisis, Scotland has set its course for our economic recovery to be a green and fair recovery that supports the wellbeing of all the people of Scotland. 

The Programme for Government 2021-22 sets out our vision, priorities and investment that will support our recovery and renewal providing opportunities for new work and sustainable growth, creating a fair and equal society, tackling poverty and discrimination, and action we will take for Scotland to become a net zero nation.

Our recovery will have at its heart the principles for social renewal of empowering communities, of shared systems that focus on prevention, and of equitable partnerships.

Projects supported by the ICF will contribute to a broad range of Scottish Government policies that work to deliver the National Outcomes set out in our National Performance Framework.

Successful projects will deliver activity that reflects the following strategic areas of priority and core principles:



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