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Supply, use and input-output tables

Published: 9 Sep 2020
Chief Economist Directorate
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Information on the Supply, Use and analytical Input-Output Tables produced by the Scottish Government.

Supply, use and input-output tables
> Use Table

Use Table

An aggregated combined use matrix at purchasers' prices is presented below. As in the previous table, industries are shown in the columns and products in the rows. Where the Supply Table presented the supply of products, the Use Table shows the use of the products by industries and final use across the product rows.

Aggregate Combined Use Table 2017 (Purchasers' Prices), £millions

A copy of this table can be found in the latest tables.

The Use Table can be split into 3 main sections.

  • The intermediate use (section 1), which shows the inputs of products, both domestic and imported, used by Scottish industries in the production of their output.
  • The final use (section 2), which shows the purchases of each product by each category of final use (e.g. consumers, government, export)
  • The primary inputs (section 3), these inputs do not flow through the other industries, they are employees' salaries, taxes less subsidies on production and gross operating surplus, which together constitute Gross Value Added.

The Combined Use table is available in full 98-industry detail in the latest tables.

Interpretation of the Use Table

Inputs to the production process

Column 3 of the above table shows the purchases made by the Scottish Manufacturing industry in order to produce its own output. We can see that the main purchases made by this industry comprised of an estimated £13,721 million of its own principal product, £1,966 million of agriculture, forestry and fishing products, £1,846 million of professional and support activities products, and £1,529 million of transport, storage and communication products.

Destination of products

The total use of manufactured products is given in the above table as £109,116 million. Row 3 of this table presents the consumption of manufacturing products by both the intermediate and final use parts of the economy. This row shows that, in addition to the £13,721 million purchased by the manufacturing industry, government, health and education (£5,728m), distribution, hotels and catering (£3,732m) and construction (£3,613m) were the most significant intermediate destination for these products. Exports account for around 30% of the total use of manufactured products.


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