Infant Mental Health Implementation and Advisory Group minutes: 3 August 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 3 August 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Alex Brown


  • Anne McFadyen, Chair, Scottish Government
  • Marita Brack, Head of Parenting and Infant Mental Health Programme, NHS Education for Scotland. 
  • Alex Brown, Assistant Programme Manager, NHS National Services Scotland
  • Roch Cantwell, PNIMH-PB Vice Chair, Scottish Government
  • Christine Carlin, Director Scotland, Home-Start UK
  • Susan Cassidy, Clinical Psychologist, NHS Lanarkshire
  • Kirstin Coull, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Lothian
  • Andrew Dawson, Professional Lead for Child Psychotherapy, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Sarah Hallam-Stewart, Change and Improvement Manager, NHS Fife
  • Linda Jardine, Children and Family Services Director, Children 1st
  • Ann Marie Kennedy, Children and Families Social Work Team Leader, Perth and Kinross Council
  • Kat Masterson, Participation Officer, Parent and Infant Mental Health Scotland
  • Nashwa Matta, Associate Specialist in Paediatrics, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Chris Miezitis, Co-Director, Father’s Network Scotland
  • Helen Minnis, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Glasgow
  • Lucy Morton, Scotland Development Lead, Parent-Infant Foundation
  • Juan Perez Olaizola, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Royal College of Psychiatrists

In Attendance:

  • Katy Lister, Senior Policy Officer, Perinatal and Early Mental Health Team, Scottish Government
  • Lis Malcolmson, Regional Nurse Consultant, NHS Grampian


  • Lizzy Archibald, Service Development Advisor, Scottish Government
  • Iona Colvin, Interim Director and Cheif Social Work Adivsor, Children and Families Directorate, Scottish Government
  • Health Kelly, Assistant Director, Aberlour
  • Alison Robertson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Joanne Smith, Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Policy Manager, NSPCC Scotland
  • Harriet Waugh, Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team Lead, Scottish Goveernment

Items and actions

Welcome and housekeeping

Anne McFadyen (Chair) welcomed everyone to the Infant Mental Health Implementation and Advisory Group (IAG) meeting, and apologies were noted as above.

Review of minutes, actions and updates

It was agreed that the minutes were an accurate representation of the May 2022 joint meeting of the IAG and the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Programme Board, and would be made available on the programme board webpage.

The Chair gave some updates on items from the last meeting:

  • the ‘Supporting Women, Reducing Harm’ event in April 2022 was facilitated by Inspiring Scotland who have published the feedback report. The Scottish Government policy team are working on a Ministerial brief and aim to launch the Short Life Working Group at the ‘Families at the Centre’ event on 4 November 2022 (see item 3)

  • the Scottish Government is currently reviewing all 2022-2023 budget plans in light of the known conclusion of in-year Covid-19 consequentials, this has placed unprecedented pressure on existing health and social care budgets

  • the Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy consultation is open until 9 September 2022

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Programme Board

Katy Lister (Senior Policy Officer) gave an update on behalf of the Scottish Government Policy Team:

  • the Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care recently visited Quarriers family resource centre and nursery in Ruchazie, Glasgow

  • Lizzy Archibald, Service Development Adviser, and others have recently completed an in-person visit to teams in each of the regional Scottish Health Boards. Information collected from the visits will be incorporated into the Board Progress Updates, which the Policy team hope to publish later this year. The visits will be followed by virtual calls between Programme Board Leads and Board Executive Leads, and other calls focusing on engagement with lived experience and the third sector

  • work continues on the Mother and Baby Unit in-patient capacity options appraisal, but is not yet at a stage to be progressed. The Why Research consultation analysis report is due to be published mid-August 2022

  • the ‘Families at the Centre’ event will be held online on 4 November 2022 and will act as a showcase for information about perinatal and infant mental health services across Scotland, to highlight resources in a way that promotes awareness, accessibility and a common understanding across families and professionals. This is a national event to bring services together, and the agenda will include sessions on infant mental health (IMH), third sector services, and on the Perinatal Mental Health Network’s (PMHN) care pathway animations

Towards March 2023 – discussion of IMH recommendations

The Chair advised that Programme Board Leads and the Scottish Government Policy team are currently focused on developing a report by the end of August 2022 for the Minister of Mental Wellbeing, titled ‘Towards March 2023’. This report will summarise Programme Board achievements and make recommendations for continuing the work after the Programme Board comes to an end in March 2023.

There was discussion on models and the importance of having mechanisms in place for continuity and integration of services. The group gave examples of joined up working in their local areas, and spoke about addressing the ask of The Promise for infants and about the worrying lack of support for non-English speaking children and refugee families. There was general agreement that ‘preconception to 5 years old’ was a fitting narrative to frame IMH systems.

The Chair invited Lucy Morton (Scotland Development Lead) to give an update on the Parent-Infant Foundation’s Development Community Network. The Development Network is an informal place for clinical leads to share progress updates from their area, to discuss successes and challenges, and to attend sessions with compelling speakers on a range of topics. At the next meeting in October 2022, a skilled social worker and lecturer will be speaking about social work systems and processes around vulnerable infants and the role of the Social Worker in multi-disciplinary teams.

Lucy advised that the Parent-Infant Foundation are developing a set of questions to understand the impact of consultation, reflective practice groups and other types of indirect work, with the aim of creating a simple and consistent measure that can be used across Scotland.

Voice of the Infant subgroup

Kat Masterson (Participation Officer, Parent and Infant Mental Health Scotland) gave an update on the Voice of the Infant subgroup:

  • the Best Practice Guidelines subgroup is making good progress and hope to share this more widely in due course. Best practice examples from professionals around the country are being collected. A literature review is also being carried out

  • a second draft of the Infants Rights statement is progressing, led by Rhona Matheson

  • mid-August meeting organised with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland office, who are engaging with SG departments around child mental health

Kat and Rach Barlee, Participation Officer, are running training workshops with the Health Boards over the coming months on respectful engagement with lived experience. The workshop also highlights the need to look at engagement through an equalities lens and urges development of relationships with harder to reach groups.

Any other business

The group congratulated Nashwa Matta (Associate Specialist in Paediatrics) on the recent award for her excellent and ongoing work at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Next meeting

Wednesday 5 October 2022

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