Induction for NHS non-executive members: guidance

Guidance on the updated approach to induction for non-executive members of health bodies following the blueprint for good governance.

Resources and References

This resource is one strand of a wider induction and development programme led by the NHS Chairs Group and the Corporate Business Management Team at the Scottish Government.

It was written with, and for, Non-Executive Members of NHS Boards. However, the document and additional resources referred to within the document may also be of value to Executive Directors.

NHS Boards should consider how to use this resource in relation to their local Board development.


You can find out all the latest event information on our new website which also has links to the full suite of resource booklets.

Here you can also find documents and templates common to all Boards eg Standing Orders, Code of Conduct etc.

FAQ's on public appointments including guidance on sick leave, maternity pay and travel and subsistence rates.

You can find a range of resources for your development needs on Turas Learn Board Development site, including national induction including the self reflection tool, mentoring and coaching and cpd information.


Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 -

CIPFA Essential Skills for Board Members -

CIPFA Good Governance Standard for Public Services -

Governance for Quality Healthcare in Scotland - an Agreement -

The Healthy NHS Board 2013, Principles for Good Governance, NHS Leadership Academy -

SHOW - NHSScotland Putting Health on the Web -

Board Governance and Appointments -

On Board: A Guide for Members of Statutory Boards -

Values Based Reflection Tool -

Blueprint for Good Governance -



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