Publication - Minutes

Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers minutes: 23 August 2018

Published: 1 Nov 2018
Date of meeting: 23 Aug 2018
Date of next meeting: 6 Nov 2018
Location: Stirling Council, Room 5, Raploch Community Campus, Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1RD

Note of the second meeting of the Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers, held on 23 August 2018.

1 Nov 2018
Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers minutes: 23 August 2018

Attendees and apologies


Moyra Boland (Chair), Deputy Head of School at the University of Glasgow

David Leng, Scottish Government

David Roy, Scottish Government    

John Fyffe, ADES

Angela Wilson, SOLACE

Kristine Johnston, SPDS

Kathy Cameron, COSLA

Alison Weatherston, SCEL (substitute for Gillian Hamilton)

Ken Muir, GTCS

Andrea Bradley, EIS

Jayne Rowe, EIS

Fiona Dalziel, SSTA

Tim Wallace, AHDS

Neil Taylor, Scottish Council of Deans Education

Angela Felvus, Scottish Government

Nicola Annan, Scottish Government - Secretariat 


Dougie Atkinson, VOICE

Jane Peckham, NASUWT

Gillian Hamilton, SCEL

Clare Hicks, Scottish Government

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed attendees to the second meeting on Career Pathways.

Apologies were received from Dougie Atkinson, Clare Hicks, Jane Peckham and Gillian Hamilton.

Action Plan and tracker

Action: CP 2018/12: Members agreed to the action plan and tracker.  No further comments received.

Vision and ways of working


Action: CP 2018/13: Secretariat to resend  SharePoint instructions and password details to members. 

Action: CP 2018/14: Members to email Secretariat and specify which meetings/events in the calendar they are able to be attend. Minimum of one panel member is required. By Wednesday 29 August

Action: CP 2018/15: Members to email Secretariat to confirm which meetings/events that they are able to attend from the calendar by Monday 3 September

Action: CP 2018/16: Members to log into the SharePoint site and complete any comments/amendments to the Vision Statement by Monday 3 September.

Phase 1 - Literature review


Action: CP 2018/17: JF and KM to work on the key themes and case studies from the Literature Review and forward to MB for comments.

Action: CP 2018/18:  Secretariat to add Literature Review executive summary, and case studies to the SG website.

Phase 2 - Call for evidence from the profession and beyond


Action: CP 2018/19:  Secretariat to enter two documents into the SharePoint site:  Sabbaticals – Michael Wood (ADES) and Accelerated routes to headship – Christine Forde (University of Glasgow).

Action: CP 2018/20:  Secretariat to provide Henry Hepburn (TESS) with Moyra’s details for an article about the group’s work and Call for Evidence.

Phase 3 - Stakeholder engagement 


Action: CP 2018/21:  Secretariat to get in contact with Education Scotland to enquire about the SLF stand.  Members to also agree who will man the stand by Wednesday 12 September.

Action: CP 2018/22: Secretariat to enquire about venues for regional events.  The preferred option is to visit schools.

Action: CP 2018/23: Scottish Government to work on the stakeholder engagement packs which include PowerPoint presentation, Survey Questions, Flyers and Proforma

Action: CP 2018/24: Secretariat to get in touch with APS regarding the flyer to be handed out at the stakeholder events.


Action: CP 2018/25: Secretariat to email a link to the SLF registration.

Action: CP 2018/26: Secretariat to email the GTCS Teaching Scotland news article to members.

Action: CP 2018/27 : Secretariat to write up handouts from the groups on the work theme documents. These will then be edited across the other work themes to produce a coherent package.