The life chances of young people in Scotland: report to the First Minister

Recommendations for improving the life chances of young people from less advantaged backgrounds.

Annex: Full List Of Recommendations


1. Develop new advice provision for young people, supported by a skilled, trained workforce

2. Continue work to improve data collection and sharing to track post school participation in learning, training and work for young people and make better use of that information to improve service delivery and develop Scottish Government policy

3. Do more to enhance the effectiveness of the work of the Developing the Young Workforce regional groups in building systematic engagement between local employers and schools and colleges on local and regional skills shortages

4. Do more to value non-academic learning routes, post-school

5. The Scottish Government should, through the 15-24 Learner Journey Review, ensure our FE and HE systems have more flex built in so young people can shift between routes

6. Employers need to think about 'job design' and recruitment processes that are free from bias and that match requirements for the job with the skill level needed to make applications

7. All post-school internships should be advertised and every post-school intern should get paid

8. Raise concerns with DWP about the quality of support offered young people in Jobcentre Plus

9. Lobby the UK Government about exploitative zero hours contracts

10. Lobby the UK Government on the need for the National Living Wage to apply to all those over 18 years old

11. Do more to disseminate models of good practice on inclusive growth

12. Do more to provide subsidised/free transport for young people aged 25 and under


13. Improve housing advice for young people

14. Deliver more affordable housing options for young adults

15. Ensure that tenants and landlords understand the arrangements for enforcing private rented sector regulations, and that monitoring is in place to make sure the new arrangements work as intended

16. Encourage social landlords to make the social sector easier for young people to access

Mental health

17. Take action to embed positive mental health approaches, based on quality evidence, in key settings where young people engage

18. The Scottish Government should fund applied research on school and classroom practices that encourage wellbeing and mental health


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