Training of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's retained duty system personnel: HMFSI inspection report

Assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service retained duty system training system.

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Glossary and abbreviations

An explanation of abbreviations used can be found in below.

Acting Up: An individual who is undertaking a managerial position above their substantive position

ASN: Additional Support Needs

BA: Breathing apparatus

Education Scotland: The national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching

EFAD: Emergency Fire Appliance Driving: training to ensure the driver has the knowledge, understanding and skill required to drive a fire service vehicle safely under emergency response conditions

FRS: Fire and Rescue Service

HMFSI: Her Majesty's Fire Service Inspectorate

HS&W: Health, Safety and Wellbeing

IC: Incident Command: safe system of work needed at an incident

ICS: Incident Command System: a framework to structure, organise and manage an incident

IT: Information Technology

LAI: Local Area Inspection

Legacy Terms and Conditions: The eight former Services in Scotland had different arrangements in place regarding RDS training

LCMS: Learning Content Management System: an online learning resource for firefighters

LGV: Large Goods Vehicle

LSO: Local Senior Officer: by law the SFRS has to appoint a LSO for each local authority area in Scotland

PDRPro: Personal Development Recording: an electronic system used by both Wholetime and Retained firefighters to record training and learning development, both from formal training and from continuous development obtained during actual incidents

RDS: Retained Duty System

R&R: Response and Resilience: operational planning to ensure the right resources are available at the right time and in the right locations

RTC: Road Traffic Collision

SD: Service Delivery: front end delivery by operational staff

SDA: Service Delivery Area: the SFRS is organised into three geographical areas for service delivery (East, North and West)

SFRS: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

SLT: Strategic Leadership Team

Task and Task Management course: An initial training course for new entrant RDS firefighters

TED: Training and Employee Development

TfOC: Training for Operational Competence: a skills management training programme for firefighters

2005 Act: The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005



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