Implementation of minimum pricing for alcohol: guidance

The guidance on the implementation of minimum unit pricing for alcohol is primarily for sellers of alcohol and enforcement authorities in Scotland.

Section 2: Implementation Issues

Updating of pricing systems

1. Businesses and others who sell alcohol will need to ensure that their pricing systems are accurate to prevent any sale of alcohol at below the minimum price. This would include ensuring that prices are accurate on shelves, barcodes, menus and price lists, where appropriate.

2. It is therefore recommended that businesses follow a series of steps to successfully implement the mandatory condition on the premises. A recommended series of steps can be found at Annex B.

Staff training

3. It is a mandatory requirement for all persons who are involved in the sale or serving of alcohol to receive staff training. Those providing staff training may wish to include material on minimum pricing within this training.

This guidance may be useful for this.

Changes to the minimum price

4. Any change to the minimum price per unit of alcohol at a future point would require a public consultation and a new Scottish Statutory Instrument to be considered by the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government has no current plans to change the minimum price beyond 1 st May 2018.


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