BVD eradication scheme phase 5 - December 2019: guidance

Guidance for farm animal vets and cattle keepers on phase 5 of Scotland's BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea) eradication scheme which comes into force on 1 December 2019. This mandatory scheme increases restrictions on cattle herds that have evidence of disease, with the goal of protecting BVD negative herds.

6. Your Test Results and BVD Herd Status

Test Results

When the laboratory sends your results, they will inform you of your BVD herd status. These results and your BVD Herd Status are uploaded to ScotEID. The BVD Herd Status classifications are BVD Negative, BVD Not Negative or BVD Positive. If you have a PI animal in your herd, you are automatically given a 'BVD Positive' herd status. Your status reverts to BVD Not Negative once the PI is no longer showing as alive on the holding.

Your BVD Herd Screening expires after 13 months. It is advised to complete your BVD testing within 12 months - a further month is allowed for recording the results.

Health Scheme members - CHeCS (Cattle Health Certification Schemes)

Most herds fully participating in the CHeCS BVD programmes meet the testing requirements. If you are testing for BVD as part of your health scheme membership you should not need to do anything extra, but please check with your vet.



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